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LIVE & TALK TOUR 2002 Shinshi wa Mini ga Osuki! at studio DREAM MAKER (LIVE & TALK TOUR 2002 紳士はミニがお好き!at studio DREAM MAKER; LIVE & TALK TOUR 2002 Gentlemen Like Mini Skirts! at studio DREAM MAKER) is Nakazawa Yuko's first solo concert DVD from her 2002 tour. The DVD was filmed on September 21, 2002 and was released on January 22, 2003. The DVD peaked at #7 and sold 3,768 copies.


  1. Opening
  2. Olivia wo Kikinagara (Ozaki Ami, Anri cover)
  3. Tokyo Bijin
  4. MC
  5. Good Morning (Morning Musume cover)
  6. Usotsuki Anta (Morning Musume cover)
  7. Momen no Handkerchief (Ota Hiromi cover)
  8. MC
    Tokyo Bijin (Piano Only)
  9. Outfit Change ~ MC
    Csikos Post (Piano Only)
    Kareha (AUTUMN LEAVES) (Piano Only)
  10. Karasu no Nyoubou
  11. Shanghai no Kaze
  12. Talk Corner
    Shanghai no Kaze
  13. La.La.La (ら・ら・ら) (Maki Ohguro cover)
  14. MC
    Shanghai no Kaze (Piano Only)
  15. Outfit Change
    Kareha (AUTUMN LEAVES) (Piano Only)
  16. HOLDING OUT FOR A HERO (Bonnie Tyler cover)
  17. ALMOST PARADISE (Mike Reno and Ann Wilson cover)
  18. MC
  19. Akai Nikkichou (Akagumi 4 cover)
  20. Kuyashi Namida Porori
  21. MC
  22. Futarigurashi
  23. Klaxon
  24. Tokyo Bijin (Live Version)
  25. Ending
    Tokyo Bijin (Piano Only)
  26. Interview


  • La, La, La (ら・ら・ら) is the song Nakazawa sung when she took part in the Sharam Q Rock Vocalist Audition in 1997. It got her through to the finale.
  • Nakazawa sang Holding Out For A Hero when she was starring in the musical Footloose in 2001.

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