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Kotoshima (琴島) is Ishii Rika‘s first single after leaving Hello! Project, and her first released under her real name; 石井里佳 (her earlier releases are credited to Peachy or 石井リカ).

It is a self-produced single, released for sale in limited quantities at her live shows and official site for 500 yen.


  1. Kotoshima
  2. Mama (ママ)

Single Information[]

  • Lyrics By, Composed By – Ishii Rika


Ishii had this to say about the single:

"This is the song I wrote first when I decided to start writing again. I wrote it after having turned off the lights in my room and just watched the moonl ight. The melody within me, who’s born in this country Japan, just became a song… kinda! It’d make me really happy if it would reach your hearts as well!"[1]


  • In 2004, a live double disc-DVD called VISUALBOX1/BLREACH!! with the catalog number BLRV-0001, It is a two hour long female vocal live event. Ishii is credited as the 22nd performer of 24 girls, singing the song Kotoshima.
  • Track two is printed as Mama (Shokai Ji Ten-kyoku) (ママ (初回持典曲)) on the sleeve. Her official web site has it llisted as Mama (Live Version).[2] Mama is also avaialble on her indies release Autumn Selection 2008, but the songs have different lengths.

External Links[]

  1. [1]この曲は私が久々に曲作りに取り組んだ時に一番最初にできた曲です。部屋の明かりを消して月の光がさしこむ夜に作りました。日本という国に生まれて私の中に流れていたメロディー がそのまま唄になったかんじです!!みなさんの心にも響いてくれたら嬉しいです!  石井里佳
  2. 石井里佳 琴島 C/W ママ(LIVE VERSION) 500円