Kono Machi
Regular Edition
Single by ℃-ute
from the album ⑧ Queen of J-POP
Native title この街
Released February 6, 2013
February 16, 2013 (Event V)
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single, CD+DVD, Event V, digital download
Length 14:21 (regular edition)
Label zetima zetima
Producer Tsunku
℃-ute Singles Chronology
Previous Aitai Aitai Aitai na 19th single (2012)
Next Crazy Kanzen na Otona 21st single (2013)
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Limited Edition A

Limited Edition B

Limited Edition C

Limited Edition D

Event V

Kono Machi (この街; This Town) is ℃-ute's 20th single. It was released on February 6, 2013 in 5 editions: 1 regular and 4 limited.

The single and all its coupling tracks are covers songs from the singer Moritaka Chisato.

The Event V was released on February 16, 2013.


℃-ute - Kono Machi (MV)

℃-ute - Kono Machi (MV)

Kono Machi (MV)

Yajima Maimi (℃-ute) - Ame (Close-up Ver

Yajima Maimi (℃-ute) - Ame (Close-up Ver.)

Ame (Close-up Ver.)


Regular EditionEdit

  1. Kono Machi
  2. Kono Machi (Dance Groove Ver.)
  3. Kono Machi (Instrumental)

Limited Editions A & BEdit

  1. Kono Machi
  2. Ame (雨; Rain) - Yajima Maimi
  3. Kono Machi (Instrumental)

Limited Editions C & DEdit

  1. Kono Machi
  2. Hae Otoko (ハエ男; Fly Man)
  3. Kono Machi (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A DVDEdit

  1. Kono Machi (Another Edition)
  2. Kono Machi (Close-up Ver.)

Limited Edition C DVDEdit

  1. Kono Machi (Another Edition)
  2. Kono Machi (5shot Ver.)

Event VEdit

  1. Kono Machi (Yajima Maimi LIVE Solo Ver.)
  2. Kono Machi (Nakajima Saki LIVE Solo Ver.)
  3. Kono Machi (Suzuki Airi LIVE Solo Ver.)
  4. Kono Machi (Okai Chisato LIVE Solo Ver.)
  5. Kono Machi (Hagiwara Mai LIVE Solo Ver.)

Featured MembersEdit


℃-ute promoting the single

Single InformationEdit

Kono Machi
Hae Otoko
  • Lyrics and Composition: Moritaka Chisato
  • Arrangement: Fujizawa Yoshimasa
  • Vocals:
    • Main Vocals: Yajima Maimi
    • Minor Vocals: Nakajima Saki, Suzuki Airi, Okai Chisato, Hagiwara Mai

Concert PerformancesEdit

Kono Machi
Hae Otoko


  • The song title and release date were originally leaked by an anonymous person from 2ch on November 28, 2012. It was confirmed via the ℃-ute official staff Twitter account.
  • Tsunku dedicated the song to the 2nd anniversary of the Tohoku earthquake.
  • Tsunku and Moritaka Chisato decided to change the confessions and some of the lyrics for the 2013 version. Each member has their own confession about the world in "Kono Machi".
  • The Dance Groove Ver. has an upper beat and a different line distribution from the original.
  • The single was released the day after Nakajima Saki's 19th birthday (February 5, 2013) and the day before Yajima Maimi's 21st birthday and Hagiwara Mai's 17th birthday (February 7, 2013).
  • Another music video was announced at an event for the single, where ℃-ute asked the fans to send in pictures of their hometowns for the music video.
  • Suzuki Airi sang "Kono Machi" solo in an episode of Hello! Project Station.
  • The MV of "Kono Machi" and Close-up Ver. of "Ame" were included in the Music V Tokushuu ④ ~Cutie Visual~
  • It was released on the same day as Mano Erina's final album, BEST FRIENDS.
  • The Minna no Kono Machi ver. and the White Room ver. of "Ame" were included as bonus videos in the Petit Best 14 Blu-ray.
  • This was ℃-ute's only single released between 2012 and 2013 that did not become their new highest selling.

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 5 5 4 3
4 6 4 24,361
4 - - 36 - - - 39 1,993
- - - - - - - 149 430
YearMonthMonth RankSales
2013 February 17 26,784

Total Reported Sales: 26,784

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