Komine Momoka (古峰桃香) is a former member of Hello Pro Egg under Hello! Project. She joined Hello Project in 2006.

In late 2010, Komine withdrew from Hello Pro Egg.



Komine Momoka, April 2009


Komine Momoka, June 2008


Komine Momoka, April 2007


Komine Monoka joined Hello! Project as a member of Hello Pro Egg in June 2006 when she passed the auditions alongside only two other girls. The aim of the group was to prepare the young girls for their debut into the world of entertainment, as such Komine received free dance and vocal training alongside the other Eggs. The only work she would get for some time was performing as backing dancers during the Hello! Project concerts.


In November 2007 Komine received a part in the musical "Reverse! ~Watashi no karada doko desu ka?". Komine also took part in a television show, "Chao.TV" (started 2007/09/02).


In late 2010, Komine withdrew from Hello Pro Egg alongside several other Eggs for unknown reasons.


  • Name: Komine Momoka (古峰桃香)
  • Nickname: Kominecchi (こみねっち)
  • Birthdate: June 27, 1994 (1994-06-27) (age 26)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Height: 157cm
  • Western Zodiac: Cancer
  • Eastern Zodiac: Dog
  • Hello! Project Status:
  • UP-FRONT GROUP Status:
  • Hello Project Groups:
  • Concert Units:

  • Hobbies: Watching H!P concert DVDs, shopping, making stuff with beads.
  • Special skill: Massages
  • Likes:
    • Thing: Peach trees, hamsters
    • Food: Melons, suiton made by her mom
    • Colour: Pink, black, white
  • Dislikes:
    • Thing: Bugs, injections, train transfer
    • Food: Japanese leek
  • Looks up to: Takahashi Ai


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  • [2007.09.02] Chao.TV (ちゃお.TV)


Gekiharo 3

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