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Kokuhaku Kinenbi (告白記念日; Anniversary for My Love Confession) is the second single by Melon Kinenbi. It was used as the theme song of the internet information delivery service Tottoco, and the ending theme to Idol wo Sagase!. Its highest position on the Oricon weekly chart was #42 selling 8,670 copies.



Melon Kinenbi - Kokuhaku Kinenbi (MV)

Kokuhaku Kinenbi (MV)

  1. Kokuhaku Kinenbi
  2. Fuwafuwafuu (ふわふわふー; Up, Up and Away)
  3. Kokuhaku Kinenbi (Instrumental)

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Single Information[]

Kokuhaku Kinenbi
  • Lyrics and Composition: Tsunku
  • Arrangement and Programming: Kono Shin
  • Guitar: Inaba Masahiro
  • Chorus: Tsunku


TV Performances[]

Concert Performances[]

Kokuhaku Kinenbi

Event Performances[]

Kokuhaku Kinenbi


  • "Fuwa Fuwa" is an onomatopoeia. It describes the feeling of lightweight, care-free, fluffiness, as well as lack of stability and uncertainty.


Tsunku’s comments about the single:

"I wanted Melon Kinenbi to follow the similar image as Morning Musume for this one.

I created this song with the image of the summer holiday season. It is about a girl who met a boy at her part-time job and innocently fell in love with him.

I made the sound as cheerful and happy as possible. It is a song for the season when you feel like listening to some west coast music and feel very pleasant and free-spirited. The recording session wasn’t easy because they didn’t have enough experience back then. When I gave them a simple instruction like, “Okay, let’s feel the rhythm, everybody.” And they were completely off. So I was like, “Oh no, what am I going to do with these girls?!” But I noticed their vocal skill has dramatically improved when I saw them at Hello! Project’s concert on New Year’s Day, as well as Morning Musume’s tour. Wow, I was so surprised!!! Pleasantly surprised, of course!

I look forward to their continuing growth. [As for "Fuwa Fuwa Fuu"] I wrote a song for the different side of the girls, which is the natural comedic side! I wanted to create a song that expresses their gentle airiness. It sounds like it is about a sleeping girl’s dream, a real witch’s arrival, or a march of the girly toys. Those are the things I imagined while writing this song."

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