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Koi ga Suteki na Kisetsu (恋がステキな季節; A Wonderful Season for Love) is Country Musume's fourth indies single, and the first to feature new member Asami. It was released on July 31, 2000, and the title track served as the theme song for their movie Country Girl Hokkaido Bokujo Monogatari and the ending theme to Idol wo Sagase!

The title track appears on the albums Country Musume Daizenshuu ① and Country Musume Mega Best. Another version of "Koi ga Suteki na Kisetsu" appeared in 2003 as the B-side on the single Uwaki na Honey Pie.



Country Musume - Koi ga Suteki na Kisetsu (MV)

Koi ga Suteki na Kisetsu (MV)

  1. Koi ga Suteki na Kisetsu
  2. Aa Koishikute (あぁ 恋しくて; Oh, I Miss You)
  3. Koi ga Suteki na Kisetsu (Original Karaoke) (オリジナル・カラオケ)

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Single Information[]

Koi ga Suteki na Kisetsu
Aa Koishikute
  • Lyrics and Composition: Tsunku
  • Arrangement: Takahashi Yuichi

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Concert Performances[]

Koi ga Suteki na Kisetsu
Aa Koishikute


  • This is their last single to be released in limited quantities as an indie single on the label SPREE RECORD.
  • New member Asami had passed an audition held in May 2000, and was actually working at the farm Rinne was staying at as a member of Country Musume.

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