Kobushi Factory Fanclub Tour "Smile For You!!!!!" in Shizuoka
DVD Cover
Bus Tour by Kobushi Factory
Native title こぶしファクトリーファンクラブツアー“Smile For You!!!!!” in 静岡
Released June 2020
Format DVD
Recorded February 22–23, 2020
Kobushi Factory Bus Tours Chronology
Previous SATOYAMA Tour Dai 6 Dan! Kobushi Factory to Sugosu 1paku 2ka Bus Tour in Kumagaya (2018)

Kobushi Factory promoting the bus tour

Kobushi Factory Fanclub Tour "Smile For You!!!!!" in Shizuoka (こぶしファクトリーファンクラブツアー“Smile For You!!!!!” in 静岡) was the third and last fanclub bus tour by Kobushi Factory. It was held on February 22 and 23, 2020.

It included 6-shot cheki photos, a fan meeting, a special bus tour live, and a handshake event.

The deadline to pre-order the fanclub-exclusive DVD is on April 28, 2020[1] and it will be released to fanclub members in June 2020.


Mini-Mini Dinner Show (2/22)

Note: All participants were divided into 5 groups brought into a smaller banquet room and sat at the round table. Kobushi Factory had five separate mini-mini dinner shows.

  1. Come with me
  2. MC
  3. Performance Varies
Special Live (2/23)
  1. Munasawagi Scarlet
  2. Koi no Jubaku
  3. MC
  4. Keseyashinai Kimochi
  5. Zanshin
  6. MC
  7. Shabondama
  8. Watashi, Choito Kawaii Urabanchou
  9. TEKI
  10. TEKI (reprise)
  11. TEKI (second reprise)
  12. Kame ni Nare!
  13. Icchoume Rock!
  14. Shalala! Yareru Hazu sa
  15. Start Line
  16. MC
  17. Seishun no Hana

Featured MembersEdit


  • Unlike the previous two fanclub tours by Kobushi Factory, this is the first to not be held under the SATOYAMA movement.
  • Hamaura Ayano mentioned in her blog that in 2019 she asked for Kobushi Factory to be able to have their final bus tour, so she is happy to see it come true.[2]


  • Promo
  • Hirose Ayaka
  • Nomura Minami
  • Hamaura Ayano
  • Wada Sakurako
  • Inoue Rei


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