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On January 11, Kobushi Factory will perform at the Radio NIKKEI's ''Idol Generation ''event.<ref></ref>
On January 11, Kobushi Factory will perform at the Radio NIKKEI's ''Idol Generation ''event.<ref></ref>
On February 17, Kobushi Factory will release their second single.
==Group Name Origins==
==Group Name Origins==

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Kobushi Factory
Kobushi Factory promoting "Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan"
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genre Japanese Pop
Years Active 2015–present
Choreographer YOSHIKO
Labels Up-Front Works (2015-)

zetima (2015-)

Agency UP-FRONT PROMOTION (2015-present)
Associated Acts Hello Pro Kenshuusei
Current Members Fujii Rio
Hirose Ayaka
Nomura Minami
Ogawa Rena
Hamaura Ayano
Taguchi Natsumi
Wada Sakurako
Inoue Rei

Kobushi Factory (こぶしファクトリー; Magnolia Factory) is a Japanese pop group under Hello! Project, formed with eight members from Hello Pro Kenshuusei in early January 2015.


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March 2015

2015: Formation and Major debut

On January 2, during the Hello! Project 2015 WINTER concert, a new Hello! Project unit consisting of Hello Pro Kenshuusei members Fujii Rio, Hirose Ayaka, Nomura Minami, Ogawa Rena, Hamaura Ayano, Taguchi Natsumi, Wada Sakurako and Inoue Rei was announced.[1] The group name was originally supposed to be announced in January, however it was postponed until February 25.[2][3]

On March 8, during Hello Pro Kenshuusei Happyoukai 2015 ~3gatsu no Nama Tamago Show!~, Hirose Ayaka was announced leader of Kobushi Factory, while Fujii Rio was announced sub-leader of the group.[4]

From March 26 to April 5, Kobushi Factory starred in the Engeki Joshibu musical Week End Survivor alongside Sudo Maasa.[5] Kobushi Factory released their first DVD single, "Nen ni wa Nen / Survivor," on March 26, 2015 at the musical venue. "Survivor" is the tie-in song to the musical.

During April and May, the group performed as an opening act at Morning Musume '15 Concert Tour Haru ~GRADATION~ANGERME's Budokan concert and Juice=Juice Fast Live Tour 2015 ~Special Juice~.[6]

On May 16, Kobushi Factory had a joint live with Country Girls and Tsubaki Factory called Hello! Project New Fes! 2015. The second joint live with Tsubaki Factory, Hello! Project New Fes! II was held on September 23 and September 26 later in the year.

On June 14, it was announced that Kobushi Factory will release their first major label single "Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan / Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san no Uta / Nen ni wa Nen (Nen'iri Ver.)." The single was released on September 2.

From November 6 to December 20, Kobushi Factory's first concert tour, Kobushi Factory Live Tour 2015 ~ The First Ring! ~, will take place. The day before the first concert, they officially left Hello Pro Kenshuusei.

On November 20, it was announced Kobushi Factory was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award at the 57th Japan Record Awards. The winner will be announced on the live TBS broadcast on December 30.[7]


On January 11, Kobushi Factory will perform at the Radio NIKKEI's Idol Generation event.[8]

On February 17, Kobushi Factory will release their second single.

Group Name Origins

The word kobushi has multiple meanings. In this case it is supposed to represent both the coming of spring and grace of the kobushi magnolia (辛夷), as well as the strength of a fist (拳).[3] Factory follows a similar naming pattern as earlier 8-member group Berryz Koubou, koubou (工房) meaning workshop.[3]


Indie Single
  1. [2015.03.26] Nen ni wa Nen / Survivor (念には念 / サバイバー) (Indie DVD Single)
Major Singles
  1. [2015.09.02] Dosukoi! Kenkyo ni Daitan / Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san no Uta / Nen ni wa Nen (Nen'iri Ver.) (ドスコイ!ケンキョにダイタン / ラーメン大好き小泉さんの唄 / 念には念(念入りVer.))




  • [2015.09.19] Kobushi Factory 2016 Calendar






  • Prior to the official announcement, Miyoshi Erika had leaked the unit in a blog post on December 27, 2014 by saying she had interviewed the "Hello Pro New Unit" members. She edited the blog post later that day to remove mention of the unit.
  • The average age in the group as of the formation is 14.67 years old and they are currently the youngest group in Hello! Project.
  • All the members are born between 1999 and 2001, making this the first group to have all members born after Hello! Project's formation.
  • Kobushi Factory and Tsubaki Factory are the only Hello! Project groups that don't consist of any legal adults.
  • Hirose Ayaka and Inoue Rei were both previously members of NICE GIRL Project! Kenshuusei and had only been members of Hello Pro Kenshuusei for a month before debuting in this unit.
  • Hamaura Ayano hopes that the group will become the most famous within Hello! Project.[9]
  • Berryz Koubou member Shimizu Saki helped in deciding the group's name.[3]
  • Shimizu Saki has noted how alike this group is to Berryz Koubou when they first formed.[3]
  • The group is considered the successor of Berryz Koubou, due to their name deriving from Berryz Koubou (Berryz Workshop).[3]
  • Wada Sakurako hopes to follow their senior group, Berryz Koubou, by lasting for more than 10 years.
  • Hamaura Ayano and Taguchi Natsumi have been in Hello Pro Kenshuusei the longest out of any of the members having joined the program in February of 2011.


  • [2015.11.20] "The 57th shining! Japan Record Award" - Newcomer Award[10]

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