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Kiseki no Kaori Dance. (奇跡の香りダンス。; Miraculous Perfume Dance.) is the 12th single from Matsuura Aya, a Hello! Project solo artist. It was released on January 28, 2004 under the zetima label as both regular (EPCE-5263) and limited (EPCE-5262) edition CDs. A Single V DVD (EPBE-5107) was released on the same date with both regular and "close-up" versions of the PV plus a "making of". It sold 56,381 in its first week and 80,322 total. The single V for the single sold 23,206 copies total.



Aya Matsuura Kiseki no Kaori Dance

Kiseki no Kaori Dance (MV)


  1. Kiseki no Kaori Dance.
  2. Uchuu de La Ta Ta (宇宙でLaTaTa; La Ta Ta in the Universe) (with Inaba Atsuko)
  3. Kiseki no Kaori Dance. (Instrumental)

Single V[]

  1. Kiseki no Kaori Dance.
  2. Kiseki no Kaori Dance. (Close-up Version)
  3. Making Of (メイキング映像)

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Single Information[]

Lyrics and Compositions: Tsunku

  1. Kiseki no Kaori Dance.
  2. Uchuu de La Ta Ta
    • Arrangement: Kono Shin


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