Kira☆Pik, August 2007

Kira☆Pika (きら☆ぴか) was a Hello! Project duo consisting of Kusumi Koharu from Morning Musume and Hagiwara Mai from ℃-ute. The unit was made for the anime Kirarin☆Revolution, as both girls lend voices to characters in the series. In the anime itself, both characters had formed Kira☆Pika but quickly disbanded. For this reason, the real life counterpart of Kira☆Pika haven't released anything else. They released their debut and only single on August 1, 2007, and eventually disbanded in May 2009 after the end of the anime.

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2007[edit | edit source]

Kira☆Pika was announced at the beginning of 2007. They had to sing the opening and ending songs for the anime Kirarin☆Revolution, in which Kusumi Koharu starred as the main character named Tsukishima Kirari. In 2007, a new character, named Mizuki Hikaru was announced, starring Hagiwara Mai.

On August 1st, they released their only single "Hana wo Puun / Futari wa NS", Kira☆Pika has been inactive from this point on.

2009[edit | edit source]

Kira☆Pika performed for the end of Kirarin☆Revolution in May 2009, at Kirarin Revolution Final Stage. Hagiwara Mai and Kusumi Koharu performed "Hana wo Puun", while "Futari wa NS" was performed by Kitahara Sayaka & Kikkawa Yuu of MilkyWay. There, all Kirarin Revolution groups disbanded, signaling the end of the anime series.

2015[edit | edit source]

On November 19th, Kira☆Pika reunited on Sakazaki Kounosuke no Momoiro Folkmura #15 (Momoiro Clover Zs monthly live music show) to perform Futari wa NS with Momoclo members Ayaka Sakaki and Reni Tagaki (Video here)

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