Kimura Asami
木村(き むら)麻美(あさみ)
Kimura Asami
Nicknames Asa-chan (あさちゃん?)
Birth Info
Born July 17, 1984 (1984-07-17) (age 35)
Origin Hokkaido, Japan
Blood Type O
Zodiac Sign Cancer Cancer
Height 148cm
Professional Info
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Singer
Years Active 2000–2007
Associated Acts Country Musume, Hello! Project Akagumi, 7-nin Matsuri, Happy 7, 11WATER, H.P. All Stars, Gatas Brilhantes H.P., Elder Club
Country Musume Info
Joined May 1, 2000
Debut Single Koi ga Suteki na Kisetsu
Last Single Shining Itoshiki Anata
Left January 28, 2007
Time in Group 6 Years, 8 Months, 27 Days

Achami, or Asami (あさみ), real name being Kimura Asami (木村麻美), is a former Japanese pop singer. She is a former member of Hello! Project as a member of Country Musume, in which she was the groups second leader. She was also a member of Hello! Project's futsal team, Gatas Brilhantes H.P..

She graduated from Hello! Project at the Hello! Project 2007 Winter ~Shuuketsu! 10th Anniversary~ concert on January 28, 2007, alongside fellow member Saito Miuna. According to her graduation comments, she is very fond of dogs so may pursue a career involving animals, and plans on staying in Tokyo. She returned to Hokkaido and became a popular Youtuber.


Asami 2007


Kimura Asami was working on the Hanabatake farm in southern Hokkaido, a farm owned by Tanaka Yoshitake. He has signed three girls, and formed the group Country Musume. The girls were staying at the farm, practicing and preparing for their debut. The group went through a lot of hardships and changes during it’s first years, and in May of 2000 an audition was held to get new members to join the group.

Toda Rinne had been impressed with Asami’s skills seeing her in a dog sled race, and she was approached and encourage to try out for this audition. Kimura succesfully passed that audition, as the only new member to join the group. In July, the group’s first movie, Country Girl Hokkaido Bokujo Monogatari was released. The theme song for the movie, Koi ga Suteki na Kisetsu, was also released as Country Musume’s fourth single, and is the first single which Kimura takes part in.

Over the years, she continued on as part of Country Musume, through all it’s major changes. She also participated in the shuffles every year (except for 2005) from 2001 up to her graduation in 2007.

As of 2019, she is now a popular game Youtuber under the name Achami (あちゃみ). She is also a member of the famous Youtuber Akagami no Tomo's team.


  • Hobbies: Enjoying movies, enjoying music, video games, reading comics
  • Special skills: Dog sledding
  • Favorite colors: Light blue, orange, black
  • Favorite flowers: Hydrangeas
  • Favorite seasons: Summer, winter
  • Favorite word: Seriously
  • Favorite food: Meat, liver skewers, intestines
  • Disliked food: Gingkgo nuts

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Youngest Member of Country Musume
2002 - 2003

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Leader of Country Musume
2002 - 2007

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