Kimi wo Sagashiteru (君を探してる; Looking For You) is the first event single (out of four) by Ishii Rika, available for sale only at her live shows.

Ishii's first indies release (out of four), released over a period of two years. It was released in 2007 or 2008 as an indies release, with mp3 or wav-files on a cd-r disc, only for sale at her live events.

This single is not listed on Ishii’s site under her discography (the other four indies releases are though).


  1. Kimi wo Sagashiteru (君を探して; Looking For You)
  2. Kokoro no Ito (心の糸; Strings of the Heart)
  3. Daijoubu. (だいじょうぶ。; Alright.)

Single InformationEdit


Kimi wo Sagashiteru

"While walking past so many people in your everyday life, are you looking for someone in particular? You’re not the only one who’s scared of getting hurt when you’re taking the next step in your wandering of finding beautiful memories. Whenever you’re alone and have come to a stop, please listen to this song."

Kokoro no Ito

"The several strings of the heart. It becomes the thing guiding us along and now it has met you. Out of so many hundred millions, it’s managed to meet with you and those feelings is what made me create this song."


"Working society – where we always seem to try a bit too hard. Aren’t you asking yourself if you’re okay? Whenever you feel relieved and want to feel warm, please listen to this song."

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