Kikkawa Yuu (吉川友), often promoted as You Kikkawa, is a soloist under UP-FRONT CREATE. She is a former member of Hello! Project as a member of Hello Pro Egg and MilkyWay.

Her highest selling single is "Kikkake wa YOU!" with 17,506 copies sold, and her lowest selling single is "DISTORTION / Tokimeita no ni Through" with 3,183 copies sold.



Kikkawa Yuu, February 2019


Kikkawa Yuu, May 2018


Kikkawa Yuu, January 2018


Kikkawa Yuu, October 2015


Kikkawa Yuu, June 2014


Kikkawa Yuu, August 2013


Kikkawa You, April 2013


Kikkawa Yuu, January 2013


Kikkawa Yuu, November 2012


Kikkawa Yuu, September 2012


Kikkawa Yuu, June 2012


Kikkawa Yuu, January 2012


Kikkawa Yuu, January 2011


Kikkawa Yuu, March 2010


Kikkawa Yuu, April 2009


Kikkawa Yuu, October 2008

Kikkawa Yuu 202

Kikkawa Yuu, April 2007


During Morning Musume Auditions, 2006

Early LifeEdit

Kikkawa Yuu was born on May 1, 1992 in Ibaraki, Japan to a couple whose names are undisclosed.


Kikkawa took part in the Morning Musume Happy 8ki Audition, but wasn't selected to join the group.


On April 7, 2007, she was added to Hello Pro Egg and officially listed on their site.


In 2008, she was chosen, along with fellow Egg Kitahara Sayaka, to be part of the anime based group MilkyWay with Morning Musume member Kusumi Koharu. She also provided the voice of the corresponding character in the Kirarin☆Revolution anime series.


From July 22 to July 27, Kikkawa appeared in the stage play "Nekome Club 2" alongside Miyoshi Erika and Mori Saki.[1]


From May 7 to May 11, she appeared in the stage play "Tiger Breathing" alongside Sengoku Minami.[2]

On December 24, it was announced that she had finished her Hello Pro Egg training, and her next activity would be performing as the opening act during the Hello! Project 2011 Winter concert tour, marking the start of her solo career. During the tour the "Kikkawa Yuu Support Project" was announced, and an official website was opened.[3]


On January 16, Kikkawa announced that she will be holding a press conference somewhere in Tokyo on January 26. She also had a solo event scheduled in Nagoya, Japan, towards the end of January.

On May 11, her debut single titled "Kikkake wa YOU!" was released under Universal Music Japan. It was originally scheduled to be released March 30, 2011, but due to the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, the release was pushed back. The single was available in four versions: Regular, Limited A, B, and C and each limited edition featured a different B-side from the 3 different songs she performed as the opening act for H!P’s 2011 winter concert tour, "Sayonara Namida" "Candy Pop" and "Fuyuzora Hanabi."


Kikkawa made an appearance in Atlanta for the Anime Weekend event. The event took place from September 28 to September 30.

Kikkawa branded Android-based edenTAB tablet featuring exclusive Kikkawa related apps and wallpapers titled Kikka Tab. There were only 100 available and they were available for pre-order on August 6th at 35,800 Yen. There was two exclusive apps included with the tablet: Kikka Alarm a morning wake-up call app, and Kikka Camera with You.

Kikkawa also made an appearance on Japan Expo in France and Japan Expo Belgium.


In March, Kikkawa starred as Chava in a stage production of Fiddler on the Roof.

On May 1, Kikkawa released her second photobook titled "YOU21".

On June 3, it was announced that Kikkawa would collaborate with the group Kimaguren to release a promotional single for Café-ole. Together they were called "Kikkaren".

In July, it was revealed that Kikkawa will be in the Japan Expo in Santa Clara, California from August 23rd through August 25th.

On October 1, she was transferred to UP-FRONT CREATE.

On December 31, Kikkawa announced at Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2013 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~ that she would release a new song in 2014.


On June 25, she released her 7th single titled "URAHARA Temptation / Ii jan".

On October 29, she released her 8th single "Amai Melody / "Suki" no Kazoekata".

2015 Edit

On May 6, Kikkawa released her 9th single "Hana".

From November 10-11, she appeared in the stage play "Gakuya ~Makenki~" alongside Takahashi Ai and other former Hello! Project members.[4]


On March, the management of Up Up Girls (Kari), together with Kikkawa, were transferred to YU-M Entertainment[5], but are still listed as artists under UP-FRONT CREATE.

From March 30 to April 3, Kikkawa appeared in the stage play "Yuki no Princess".[6]

On June 1, she released her 10th single "Ha wo Kuishibare! / Charming Shoubu Sedai".


On May 24, she released her 11th single "Sayonara, Standard".


On January 17, she released her 12th single "DISTORTION / Tokimeita no ni Through".

On May 23, Kikkawa released the digital single "NEO SUGAR SUGAR YOU". Her past catalog also became available on digital download and streaming services such as iTunes, Spotify, Recochoku, and LINE MUSIC in over 200 countries.[7]

On August 20, it was announced that Kikkawa would form a unit with Paipai Dekami and the two would release a limited digital single on September 12 titled "Saikou no Onna".[8]


On March 2, Kikkawa Yuu ni Paipai Dekami released their second digital single titled "Kawaisou na Onna".[9][10]

In celebration of her 27th birthday and the start of the Reiwa era on May 1, Kikkawa released the digital single "Koi". It is the first in two-part work that tells different love stories about the same heroine.[11][12]

On July 31, Kikkawa released the digital single "yoake", which is the second song in the two-part work with "Koi".[13]

On August 16, it was announced that Kikkawa and Sengoku Minami were cast in the stage play "Dare ga Tame no Alchemist Butaiban "Hijiriishi no Tsuioku" ~Yami wo Mitsumeru Mono~". The stage play ran from September 26 to 29 in Tokyo.[14]

On November 5, it was announced that Kikkawa Yuu was cast in the "Cutie Honey Emotional" stage play. It will run from February 6 to February 9, 2020.[15]


On January 31, the audio for her original song "Yellow Butterfly" was released through a video uploaded to YouTube.[16] This is the first song that Kikkawa has written the lyrics for.

On March 4, it was announced that events and lives for the month of March were postponed or cancelled for all YU-M Entertainment artists in consideration of a new policy established by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.[17]

On March 11, Kikkawa Yuu ni Paipai Dekami released their third digital single titled "Tokai no Onna".[18]

On March 13, all YU-M Entertainment artists collaborated for a 25 hour-long television program aired through NicoNico Live Broadcast at 7:30 PM JST titled 25jikanhan Television ~Idol to Mirai e Mukau Basho~.[19]

On March 14, after the conclusion of the 25jikanhan Television ~Idol to Mirai e Mukau Basho~, YU-M Entertainment announced a crowdfunding project to help invest in their artists' future to make up for postponed or cancelled events due to the coronavirus.[20]

On March 31, Kikkawa held an internet autograph signing session with Sengoku Minami through the Kikkawa Yuu Official YouTube Channel.[21]

On April 7, Twitter user @kangfoo4 compiled several Tweets of Kikkawa meticulously picking apart her food and counting the pieces with the caption "This is what idols are up to now that they cannot perform live [due to the coronavirus]".[22] This compilation caused her to go viral in Japan within a day of posting, and it caught the attention of news outlets in Japan and abroad.[23][24][25]

In response to becoming a viral sensation, Kikkawa continued posting more tweets with her food disassembly projects, and even held livestreams where she disassembled food live.[26] She also revealed her desire to publish a book about her new food disassembly hobby.[27]

On April 19, Kikkawa posted a tweet with her most ambitious food disassembly project yet: a dragonfruit picked apart into 7709 pieces.[28]

On June 15, an e-book version of her photobook Yuuwaku was released.[29]

Personal LifeEdit

When Kikkawa became a soloist under UP-FRONT CREATE, she was 19 years old.

Here is a list of nicknames that was used to refer to Kikkawa Yuu:

  • You Kikkawa: Official stage name used by members and fans.
  • Kikka (きっか): Official nickname used by members and fans.


  • Role Models: Kusumi Koharu and Natsuyaki Miyabi.
  • Specialty: Arm-wrestling, basketball, shredding cabbage
  • Dislikes: Kanji
  • Habit: Touching her hair, people watching, decoration accessories.
  • Favorite Food: Fruits
  • Least Favorite Food: Red bean paste


Note: Kikkawa Yuu is credited as both "Kikkawa Yuu" (吉川友) and "You Kikkawa".

Digital Singles

Studio Albums
Cover Albums
Best Albums

Original Songs
  • [2019] Yellow Butterfly

Solo DVDs

YOU! ~The DVD~ Yuudvd 1304 dvd jk

  • [2011.07.13] Eiga "Kikkake wa YOU!" (映画「きっかけはYOU!」)
  • [2011.08.17] YOU! ~The DVD~
  • [2013.01.16] Live! Dokyu! Kikka! (ライブ!ドキュ!きっか!)
  • [2013.04.24] Music Video Clips vol.1

Dicography Featured InEdit

Team Makenki
Ganbarou Nippon Ai wa Katsu Singers

Hello! Project
Morning Musume
Hello Pro Egg


Solo PhotobooksEdit


  1. [2011.08.17] YOU
  2. [2013.05.01] YOU21
  3. [2014.07.27] Yuuwaku (誘惑)


Cover girlEdit

O0357048011755135105Kikkawa Yuu, Magazine-259572Iikubo Haruna, Ikuta Erina, Kikkawa Yuu, Kudo Haruka, Magazine, Sayashi Riho-303543D7006-13-777741-0-300x423615zRLfrkWL. SL500 AA300

  • [2012.01.24] Weekly ASCII
  • [2012.05.18] Young Gangan No.11
  • [2012.10.05] Young Gangan No.20
  • [2013.04.20] CD&DL Data Separate GIRLS-PEDIA (Mook)
  • [2013.05.15] EX masses

Lyrics CreditsEdit

  • [2019] Yellow Butterfly


Solo ConcertsEdit

  • [2011.02.19] Kikka Fest (きっかフェス)
  • [2012.05.04-06] Kikkawa Yuu 1st Anniversary Live (吉川友 1stアニバーサリーライブ)
  • [2012.07.28-08.03] Kikka Fest ~Episode 3~ (きっかフェス 〜Episode 3〜)
  • [2012.10.05-08] Kikka Fest 4 YOU (きっかフェス4 YOU)
  • [2012.11.17] Kikka Fest 5? (きっかフェス5?)
  • [2013.01.25] Kikka Fest 6 ~The Request Hour~ (きっかフェス 6 〜ザ・リクエスト・アワー〜)
  • [2013.09.23] Kikkawa Yuu SP Live 2013 Aki -Best of YOU!- (吉川 友 SPライブ2013秋 -Best of YOU!-)
  • [2014.08.09] Ibaraki Gaisen Special Live ~Ibaraki kka! Daisuki kka!~ (茨城凱旋スペシャルライブ!〜茨城っか!大好きっか!〜)
  • [2019.03.02-3] YOU KIKKAWA LIVE TOUR 2019 ~Yuu Totsumoushin~ (YOU KIKKAWA LIVE TOUR 2019 〜友突猛進〜)

Select ConcertsEdit

  • [2007.09.22] Hello Pro Egg Delivery Station! 01 (ハロプロエッグデリバリーステーション!01)
  • [2008.08.30] Hello Pro Egg Delivery Station! 05 (ハロプロエッグデリバリーステーション!05)

TV ProgramsEdit

  • [2006] Hello! Morning (ハロー!モーニング。) (as a candidate for the Happy 8ki Audition)
  • [2008-2009] Oha Star (おはスタ)
  • [2010-2017] PINK!SS (as an MC)
  • [2011-2012] Hiru Nan Desu! (ヒルナンデス!)
  • [2011] Nemurenu Machi no A-Prince (眠れぬ街のアプリンス)
  • [2014-2019] The Girls Live
  • [2017] BOAT RACE Live (BOAT RACEライブ)

TV DramasEdit

New drama

  • [2012] Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen (数学♥女子学園)(As Aoyama Iroha)
  • [2012] Sprout (スプラウト)
  • [2012] Hanchou 6 (ハンチョウ6)
  • [2013] Saiban Chou! Onaka Aki Mashita! (裁判長っ!おなか空きました!) (1 episode)
  • [2014] Kanpai Senshi After V (乾杯戦士 アフターV)
  • [2015] Shin★Kanpai Senshi After V (新★乾杯戦士アフターV)
  • [2016] Sakura Saku (サクラ咲く)


  • [2010] Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro Kaiki (怪談新耳袋怪奇)
  • [2011] Kikkake wa YOU! (きっかけはYOU!)
  • [2011] Cheerfu11y (チアフリー)
  • [2019] Hatsukoi ~Otou-san, Chibi ga Inaku Narimashita (初恋〜お父さん、チビがいなくなりました)


  • [2008-2009] Kirarin☆Revolution (きらりん☆レボリューション) (as Hanasaki Cobeni)
  • [2012] Sengoku Collection (戦国コレクション) (as Beethoven)


  • [2012] Kappa Sushi (カッパ寿司)
  • [2013] Glico Dairy Cafe Ole (グリコ乳業 カフェオーレ)
  • [2014] Pizza LA vs Pizza Black "Blue Hawaii" Hen (ピザーラVSピザブラック「ブルーハワイ」篇)


  • [2009] Nekome Club 2
  • [2010] Tiger Breathing (タイガーブリージング)
  • [2012] Recipient (レシピエント)
  • [2012] Kawaiku Nakuchaikenai Ryu (カワイクなくちゃいけないリユウ)
  • [2012] Okashi na Okashi na Tantei Monogatari!... wa, Kore da!! (おかしなおかしな探偵物語!...は、コレだ!!) (as guest)
  • [2013] Fiddler on the Roof (屋根の上のバイオリン弾き, Yane no Ue no Violin Hiki) (Chava)
  • [2015] Gakuya ~Makenki~ (楽屋〜負けん気〜)
  • [2016] Yuki no Princess (雪のプリンセス)

Internet Edit

  • [2013-] Kikkawa Yuu no Teikiteki ni Haishin Shite Mikka! (吉川友の定期的に配信してみっか!)
  • [2014-] Kikkawa Yuu no Showroom de Haishin Shite Mikka! (吉川友のShowroomで配信してみっか!)
  • [2015] GREEN ROOM
  • [2016, 2018] Yaguchi Mari no Kayou The NIGHT (矢口真里の火曜The NIGHT) (AbemaTV) (3 episodes)
  • [2016-2017] Girls Night Out
  • [2016-] Upcoming (アプカミ)
  • [2017] Geinou Gijuku Daigaku #14 (芸能義塾大学♯14) (AbemaTV) (1 episode)
  • [2018] Speedwagon no Getsuyou The NIGHT (スピードワゴンの月曜The NIGHT) (AbemaTV) (1 episode)

Music VideosEdit


  • [2011-] Young Town Doyoubi (ヤングタウン土曜日)
  • [2012-2014] Kikkari 10bu Chotto! (きっかり10分ちょっと!)
  • [2013-2014] Kikkawa Yuu no Radio Yatte Mikka! (吉川友のラジオやってみっかぁ!)
  • [2013.05.06] Shabekuri Icchokusen (しゃべくり一直線)


  • She ranked #14 on BUBKA magazine's Women with the Biggest Breakthrough of 2011.

Trivia Edit

  • Eats bread for breakfast.
  • Her favorite spot is the toilet.
  • Has a grip strength of 31kg.
  • Is one of the several Hello! Project members to lose a Morning Musume audition and be added to Hello! Project at a later date.
  • Sung Furusato and Memory Seishun no Hikari as her audition songs in the Morning Musume Happy 8ki Audition.
  • Made her first concert appearance at Dai 1 Kai Hello! Project Shinjin Kouen ~Saru no Koku~ / ~Tori no Koku~.
  • Kikkawa appeared as a backup dancer in the PV for Mano Erina's eighth major single "Genkimono de Ikou!".
  • While acting as the opening act during the Hello! Project 2011 Winter concert tour she performed a song titled "Sayonara Namida" (さよなら涙), which was also her debut song.
  • Since the 2011 Winter Hello! Project concert, her name is romanized as "You Kikkawa," as a pun for the english word "you." However, her stage name continues to be "Kikkawa Yuu" (吉川友).
  • After the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, Kikkawa lived briefly with Mano Erina.
  • One of Kikkawa's favorite American restaurants is The Cheesecake Factory.
  • Kikkawa believes that her toughest opponent in Hello! Project is Yajima Maimi from ℃-ute.[30]

Total Sales CountEdit

Year Year Sales Total Sales
2011 39,701 39,701
2012 17,512 57,213
2013 8,777


2014 9,076 75,076
2015 5,366 80,442
  • Note: These sales numbers only include her single and album sales.

See AlsoEdit


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