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Kawaii Kare (かわいい彼; Cute Boyfriend) is Melon Kinenbi's 11th single. It was released on December 3rd 2003. It peaked at #14 on the Oricon weekly chart and sold 18,021 copies total.



Melon Kinenbi - Kawaii Kare (MV)

Kawaii Kare (MV)

  1. Kawaii Kare
  2. Hatsuyuki (初雪; First Snow)
  3. Kawaii Kare (Instrumental)

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Concert Performances[]

Kawaii Kare

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Single Information[]

  • All Lyrics and Compositions: Tsunku
Kawaii Kare
  • Arrangement and All Instruments: Morio Takashi
  • Chorus: Melon Kinenbi, Tsunku
  • Music Video: Kobayashi Keiichi[1]
  • Arrangement, Programming, Guitar, and Chorus: Takahashi Yuichi
  • Violin: Kiriyama Nagisa


  • First press: an event ticket and a sticker
  • Tsunku’s comments about this single: "I made this song with a minor key, in order to make it sound more powerful. Nowadays, they say women are becoming stronger and more confident. A female character in this song is a typical modern girl like that on the surface, but she’s actually lonesome deep down inside. She is pretending as if she’s letting her boyfriend become her little boy toy, but actually, she’s the

one who’s feeling spoiled when she’s around him. Shibata is celebrating a Coming of Age Day next year, and the whole Melon Kinenbi sang the song with more matured sexy mood."


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