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Katsuta Rina
Katsuta Rina, July 2019
Nicknames Rinapuu (りなぷ~?)
Birth Info
Born April 6, 1998 (1998-04-06) (age 21)
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Blood Type A
Zodiac Sign Aries Aries
Height 162cm
Professional Info
Genres J-Pop
Occupation Idol, Singer, Actress, Model
Years Active 2009-present
(10 years)
Agency UP-FRONT AGENCY (2009-2012)
UP-FRONT PROMOTION (2012-present)
Associated Acts ANGERME, Hello Pro Egg, Sato no Akari, Mobekimasu
Joined August 14, 2011
Generation 2nd Generation
Member Color       Yellow (2011-2014)
      Orange (2014-present)
Debut Single Tachiagirl
Time in Group 8 Years, 1 Month, 2 Days
Hello Pro Egg Information
Joined June 7, 2009
Generation 7th Generation
Graduated October 16, 2011
Time in Group 2 Years, 4 Months, 10 Days
Blog Ameblo-favicon.png ANGERME Amerika Nikki

Katsuta Rina (勝田里奈) is a Japanese idol under Hello! Project as a 2nd generation member of ANGERME. She first joined Hello! Project as a member of Hello Pro Egg and was first introduced at the 2009 Hello! Project Shinjin Kouen 6gatsu ~Nakano Step!~ concert in June 2009. She later successfully auditioned for S/mileage in 2011. She is also a former member of the SATOYAMA movement unit Sato no Akari.

She is set to graduate from both ANGERME and Hello! Project on September 25, 2019.



Katsuta Rina, May 2019


Katsuta Rina, April 2019


Katsuta Rina, October 2018


Katsuta Rina, May 2018


Katsuta Rina, December 2017


Katsuta Rina, June 2017


Katsuta Rina, October 2016


Katsuta Rina, April 2016


Katsuta Rina, November 2015


Katsuta Rina, July 2015


Katsuta Rina, February 2015


Katsuta Rina, August 2014

Rina mystery

Katsuta Rina, April 2014


Katsuta Rina, December 2013


Katsuta Rina, July 2013


Katsuta Rina, May 2013


Katsuta Rina, March 2013


Katsuta Rina, August 2012


Katsuta Rina, February 2012


Katsuta Rina, September 2011


Katsuta Rina, September 2009

Early LifeEdit

Katsuta Rina was born on April 6, 1998 in Tokyo, Japan to a couple whose names are undisclosed.


On June 7, at the 2009 Hello! Project Shinjin Kouen 6gatsu ~Nakano STEP!~ in Tokyo, it was announced that Katsuta Rina and Hirano Tomomi had been added to Hello Pro Egg.


On August 14, at a joint concert, she was announced by Tsunku as one of the five sub-members of S/mileage along with Nakanishi Kana, Takeuchi Akari, Kosuga Fuyuka, and Tamura Meimi.

On October 16, at the launch event of S/mileage's new single, "Tachiagirl", Tsunku announced the promotion of the four sub-members to official second generation members.[1] Following the announcement, Katsuta, along with Takeuchi, withdrew from Hello Pro Egg.


On March 16, Katsuta was diagnosed with influenza and was absent in all event for the nex few days, including TV Tokyo's PON Spring Festival and Bayfm's K・WEST ENTAME GENERATION SPECIAL, which both were held on March 20.

On May 13, information was released about an event for the 9th and 10th generation members of Morning Musume as well as S/mileage’s 2nd generation members, titled Mosuma FC Event ~Gachi☆Kira~, that was set to take place on June 15, 18, and 20 at Yokohama Blitz.


On April 6, Katsuta celebrated her 15th birthday in a fanclub event, titled S/mileage・Katsuta Rina Birthday Event 2013, at Pacific Heaven.

On April 14, the 2nd generation members of S/mileage held the S/mileage 2ki Member Fanclub Event ~Quad Smile~ at Hamakin Hall.

In September, Katsuta participated in the last Gekiharo stageplay, titled Warera Jeanne ~Shoujo Seisen Kageki~ along with the rest of Berryz Koubou and S/mileage. She and Tokunaga Chinami interchanged the roles of "Harold" and "Tatiana" depending on the acts.


On February 16, Katsuta's first solo e-Hello! DVD, Rina to Rina, was announced. It was released on March 17.

On March 13, it was announced that Katsuta, Sato Masaki, and Uemura Akari would form the SATOYAMA & SATOUMI movement unit Sato no Akari.

On April 6, Katsuta celebrated her 16th birthday at fanclub titled S/mileage Katsuta Rina Birthday Event 2014, featuring two shows at TOKYO FM HALL.


On April 6, Katsuta celebrated her 17th birthday. The special event was called ANGERME Katsuta Rina Birthday Event 2015 and featured two performances in Tokyo.


On April 7, Katsuta celebrated her 18th birthday. The special event was called ANGERME Katsuta Rina Birthday Event 2016 and featured two performances in Tokyo.


On April 6, Katsuta celebrated her 19th birthday at a fanclub event titled ANGERME Katsuta Rina Birthday Event 2017, featuring two shows at TOKYO FM HALL.


On April 10, Katsuta celebrated her 20th birthday at a fanclub event titled ANGERME Katsuta Rina Birthday Event 2018, featuring two shows at Shinjuku ReNY.

On November 1, it was announced that Katsuta would start an article series in the women's fashion magazine mina. The series, titled "R Fashion Tool", started in the January issue sold on November 20.[2]


On April 8, she celebrated her 21st birthday in a fanclub event titled ANGERME Katsuta Rina Birthday Event 2019, featuring two shows at TOKYO FM HALL.

On June 26, Katsuta announced that she would graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project on September 25 at Pacifico Yokohama to pursue fashion.[3]

Thank you for your constant support for Hello! Project and ANGERME.

ANGERME's Rina Katsuta will graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project on September 25 (Wednesday) in a concert at Pacifico Yokohama.

She proposed ending activities in ANGERME so she could prepare to face her beloved fashion industry.
In respect of her decision for a new challenge, we came to the conclusion of her graduation.

If she will work in the fashion industry while continuing performing artist activities or just focus on studying in the fashion industry; after her graduation, we will figure out the various possibilities together.

Regarding her graduation, we've continued discussing it from last year and also decided the timing.
But in respect of Ayaka Wada's graduation, we have announced it at this time.
We apologize for such a sudden announcement.

Her activities such as the Hello! Project summer concert and ANGERME's live tour will go on until her last concert on September 25 at Pacifico Yokohama.
We appreciate your support for Rina Katsuta and ANGERME.

June 26, 2019
Takeshi Nishiguchi

Statement from Katsuta Rina[3][4]
Thank you for your warm support.

I would like to tell something to you.

I, Rina Katsuta, will graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project on September 25 (Wednesday) in a concert at Pacifico Yokohama.

I appreciate that I can perform my last concert at such a big venue as Pacifico Yokohama.

I have been active for 10 years since my trainee period, and it has been 8 years this summer since I joined ANGERME.

10 years ago my life completely changed from a normal girl at age 11 with no singing and dancing experience.

I am filled with so many memories of 10 years. There were many good things and hard things as well.

I have experienced so much. I could not be more thankful.

Again and again, I have faced myself, considered what I'm most interested in and want to do in the future. As a result, I decided to work in the fashion industry.

I have no regrets of my activities until now and my mind is clear.
I have a dream and clear goal I want to achieve.
I decided it's the best timing for me to graduate.

Actually, I already consulted about my graduation 1 year ago.

From there, we continued discussing it and decided when I would graduate.
However, I have announced it at this time because I wanted to report it to everyone after Wada-san's graduation.

I will announce further plans as soon as they are settled.

3 months until I graduate.
I would like to be conscious of my time left in ANGERME and spend it having fun with you all.
Please support me until the last day.

Rina Katsuta

On September 25, Katsuta will publish a mook based on her "R Fashion Tool" series in the magazine mina, titled ANGERME RINA FASHION TOOL Petunia ― Katsuta Rina Henshuuchou to 12nin no ANGERME, that she edited and produced herself. It includes guest appearances by the rest of ANGERME.[5] Later that evening she will graduate from ANGERME and Hello! Project in the ANGERME 2019 Aki "Next Page" ~Katsuta Rina Sotsugyou Special~ at Pacifico Yokohama.

Personal LifeEdit

Katsuta's family has two pet dogs, both female Pomeranians, named Pupu and Kuran.[6][7]

When she auditioned for S/mileage, Katsuta was a first year middle school student. She graduated from high school in March 2017.[8]

In April 2017, Katsuta began university.[9] She graduated from Bunka Gakuen University's Junior College Department of Fashion on March 11, 2019.[10]

Katsuta most notably gets along with Takeuchi Akari, Sasaki Rikako and Natsuyaki Miyabi.[11]

Katsuta's given name, Rina, has no particular meaning and was chosen because the stroke count in combination with her last name was a sign of good luck.[12][11]

  • Rinapuu (りなぷ~): Official nickname, given her since joining Hello Pro Egg.[11]
  • Puurina (ぷーりな): Nickname for Katsuta Rina, compounded of Puu (PuPu her pet dog) and rina (Katsuta Rina).
  • Bakuwara (ばくわら): A wota-originated nickname for Katsuta Rina of S/mileage, originally a Japanese internet slang for ROFL. Since Katsuta frequently used the term in her blog posts just like ordinary schoolgirls of her generation would do, wotas started to use this nickname to describe her quality of being commonplace and ordinary.Expression error: Unexpected < operator.


  • Name: Katsuta Rina (勝田里奈)
  • Nickname: Rinapuu (りなぷ~),[11] Pupu (ぷぷ), Puurina (ぷーりな), Baku (ばく), Bakuwara (ばくわら), Wonka (をんか)
  • Birthdate: April 6, 1998 (1998-04-06) (age 21)
  • Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
  • Bloodtype: A
  • Height: 162cm (5'4")
  • Western Zodiac: Aries
  • Eastern Zodiac: Tiger
  • Hello! Project Status:
  • Years in ANGERME: 8 years
  • S/mileage / ANGERME Color:
    • Yellow (2011-2014)
    • Orange (2014-Present)
  • Audition Song: "Short Cut" by S/mileage
  • Hello! Project Groups:

  • Specialty: Funny faces, imitations, cartwheel, handstand forward roll
  • Hobbies: Shopping, eating, talking with friends
  • Strong Points: Energy
  • Weak Points: Laziness
  • Favorite Food: Pudding, pasta, curry, cheese-filled hamburger
  • Favorite Color: Pink, yellow, orange
  • Favorite English Word: "Take"
  • Favorite Movie: Harry Potter series
  • Favorite Kaomoji (Emoticon): \ (^o^) /
  • Favorite Animals: Dog, cat, tigers, red pandas
  • Favorite Subject: Japanese, P.E., art
  • Favorite Songs: "OVER THE RAINBOW",[11] "Tsugitsugi Zokuzoku"[11]
  • Looks up to: Mano Erina, Sugaya Risako, Kusumi Koharu, Morning Musume, Michishige Sayumi[11]


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Solo SongsEdit

Solo DVDsEdit

Katsuta Rina-4529360000000089662



71iA waBp-L. AC SL1500


Featured on the coverEdit


  • [2012.01.xx] Memew DX
  • [2014.xx.xx] Anican R Yanyan (Vol.12)




  • [2012] Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro•Igyou (怪談新耳袋・異形) (as Haruka)

TV ProgramsEdit

  • [2011-2012] Hello Pro! TIME (ハロプロ!TIME)
  • [2012] S/mileage no Sono Joshiki Choto Mate Kudasai! (スマイレージのその常識チョトマテクダサイ!)
  • [2012-2013] Hello! SATOYAMA Life (ハロー! SATOYAMA ライフ)
  • [2014-2019] The Girls Live


  • [2012] Mister Donut (ミスタードーナツの)

Music VideosEdit




  • [2012–] SS1422



  • She describes her personality as outgoing.
  • She was the first sub-member of S/mileage to be announced.
  • She says she would like to make S/mileage iPod earphones as concert goods.
  • She has a bad habit of procrastinating her math homework.
  • She would like to try wearing the outfits from the Morning Musume music video "Kare to Issho ni Omise ga Shitai".
  • She believes that Tamura Meimi is the most energetic member of Hello! Project, while Oda Sakura being the mellowest.
  • Mentioned in her blog that she would like to see Kyary Pamyu Pamyu live.
  • When asked about the biggest change within the last year she answered it was the length of her hair.
  • If she had a 10,000 yen ($100) bonus she would spend it on a day trip.
  • If she could change one of the parts of her face into one of another H!P member she would like to have Sayumi's eyes.
  • She likes Disney and often goes to the Disney store.
  • Would pick an exceptional figure over perfect singing skills.
  • Said she doesn't really like mice and hamsters.
  • Mentioned in her blog that she loves sweet potato ice cream.
  • Shares the same birthday as former Hello! Project soloist Heike Michiyo.
  • In Fukuda Kanon's final interview before her graduation, she had this to say about Katsuta: "We call her the energy saver but she’s always the first to learn all the dance routines and writes down the formations on paper for us. She’s not the type to let people know how hard she’s trying but she really is a hard worker."[13]
  • If she could be reborn as someone else, she would be Suzuki Airi because she would be really happy if she could sing with her voice.[11]
  • She believes she is the most "my pace" member in Hello! Project.[11]
  • If she did not become an idol, Katsuta would like to work in fashion as a model in the entertainment industry or even a clerk in an apparel store.[11]
  • In an episode of tiny tiny, leader Wada Ayaka calls Rina the "fashion leader" of the group.

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