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Kanashimi Twilight (悲しみトワイライト; Sorrowful Twilight) is the 33rd single of Morning Musume. It was released on April 25, 2007 and was the last single for 4th generation member Yoshizawa Hitomi and 6th generation member Fujimoto Miki.

There are three different versions of the single: a regular edition and two limited editions. Limited edition A includes a bonus DVD with an alternate version of the single music video, comments from Morning Musume. Limited edition B features special package and 40-page booklet. Both limited editions comes with a serial-numbered card.

The song was used as the ending theme of Love Change, a popular television show in Nagoya, for the month of April 2007.



Morning Musume - Kanashimi Twilight (MV)

Kanashimi Twilight (MV)


  1. Kanashimi Twilight
  2. Hand made CITY
  3. Kanashimi Twilight (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A DVD[]

  1. Kanashimi Twilight (Another Ver.)

Event V[]

  1. Quiz! Hawaii de Kanashimi Twilight! (クイズ!ハワイで悲しみトワイライト!)
  2. Kanashimi Twilight (Dance Shot Ver.)

Featured Members[]

Morning Musume promoting the single

Single Information[]

Kanashimi Twilight
Hand made CITY

TV Performances[]

  • [2007.04.06] MUSIC STATION
  • [2007.04.15] Haromoni@
  • [2007.04.20] Ongaku Senshi MUSIC FIGHTER
  • [2007.04.27] MUSIC JAPAN
  • [2007.05.03] Utaban

Concert Performances[]

Kanashimi Twilight
Hand made CITY

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Daily & Weekly Ranking
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 2
3 2
6 10 15 2 53,551
17 21 23 24 35 29 36 27 4,743
33 46 - - - - - 51 2,275
- - - - - - - 126 753
Yearly Ranking
Year Year Rank Sales
2007 116 61,322

Total Reported Sales: 61,322


  • This PV was filmed while Kusumi Koharu was recovering from an emergency appendectomy. As a result, she is missing from most of the shots of the group. Takahashi Ai and Kamei Eri re-recorded their parts with Kusumi in a smaller session with less-aggressive choreography to be mindful of her limited mobility.[1]
  • 4th generation member Yoshizawa Hitomi gives a comment about the single on YouTube.
  • This is the seventh and last single where Yoshizawa Hitomi was leader of Morning Musume. This is also last single to feature Yoshizawa Hitomi and Fujimoto Miki, and the last single before the addition of eighth generation members Junjun and Linlin as foreign students.
  • This is the first Morning Musume single with an Event V.

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