Kamata Koji
Kamata Koji, 2011
Nicknames Kamata Koji (鎌田こーじ?)
Koji (こーじ?)
Birth Info
Born 1970
Origin Hyogo, Japan
Blood Type O
Professional Info
Genres J-pop
Occupation Guitarist, composer, arranger, recording director
Years Active 1996–present
Agency TNX
Associated Acts Semimal, LOWDOWN, THE Tsunku♂ Beat
Kamata Koji (鎌田浩二, sometimes written as 鎌田こーじ) is a Japanese guitarist, composer, arranger, and recording director working for UP-FRONT WORKS and TNX. He is the former guitarist of the rock bands Semimal, LOWDOWN, and THE Tsunku♂ Beat. Kamata is currently the main recording director for Morning Musume and other Hello! Project artist songs written by Tsunku.[1][2] He was also S/mileage's recording director up until they were renamed ANGERME.[3][4]

He is sometimes credited as Koji (こーじ) or koji written in romaji.


Kamata Koji was born in 1970 in Hyogo, Japan.

In 1992, the rock band Semimal was formed with Kamata as the guitarist, Ueda Naoyuki as the vocalist, Hiroshi as the bassist, and Kazuma as the drummer.[5] While he was in the band, Kamata was credited as the composer for all of their songs and twice as a lyricist.[6]

After Semimal disbanded in November 1994, he and Kazuma formed the LOWDOWN.[5] They debuted under ZAIN RECORDS in 1996 with the CD single "MAYBE L0VE BABY L0VE",[7] and they disbanded in 1999.

From 2002 to 2004, he was guitarist in Tsunku's side band THE Tsunku♂ Beat. It was around this time that Kamata also began working as a recording director for UP-FRONT WORKS in addition to playing guitar for recordings.

In 2006, he joined Tsunku at his new production company TNX and worked alongside him on the Rhythm Tengoku video game series.[8]


  • Birth Name: Kamata Koji (鎌田浩二)
  • Stage Name: Koji (こーじ), koji
  • Birthdate: 1970
  • Birthplace:Hyogo, Japan
  • Blood Type: O
  • Groups:
    • Semimal (1992–1994)
    • LOWDOWN (1994–1999)
    • THE Tsunku♂ Beat (2002–2004)

Arrangement CreditsEdit

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