Kakko Tsukete Ii Desho!
Event Single by Up Up Girls (Kari)
from the album Second Album (Kari)
Native title カッコつけていいでしょ!
Released October 28, 2012
Genre J-Pop
Format CD Single
Length 4:30
Label Disco label ufw
Up Up Girls (Kari) Event Singles Chronology
Previous End Of The Season
6th Indies Single (2012)
Next UPPER ROCK / Ichiban Girls!
7th Indies Single (2012)

Kakko Tsukete Ii Desho! (カッコつけていいでしょ!; You Can Put Parenthesis!) is Up Up Girls (Kari)'s 10th event single. It was released on October 28, 2012 only through Up Up Girls events and e-Line UP!.


  1. Kakko Tsukete Ii Desho!

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Single InformationEdit

  • Lyrics: Onoda Hiroyuki
  • Composition, Arrangement: mochilon

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