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KISS THE COCONUTS! (also known as KissCoco) was a weekly radio show hosted by Mika and Ayaka from Coconuts Musume. It ran from 2001 to May 2, 2004. In June 2004, "KISS THE COCONUTS!" became "BLEND KISS", and was hosted by Ayaka and Satoda Mai from Country Musume. It ran until June 2005.

KISS THE COCONUTS! Episodes[edit | edit source]

2003[edit | edit source]

Air Date Summary
2003-05-04 Special Guest: Ichii Sayaka

Golden Week, Question Mika, Sexy Mika, Ichii's hand injury, automatic doors, panties, Mika's kancho habit.

2003-07-06 Tanabata, Shuffle Units, Coconuts Mambo, Puns With Mika-chan!, Ayaka's forgetfulness, being overly polite, university education, drunk passengers
2003-07-13 KissCoco tote bags, Mika's relaxation techniques, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, paying at restaurants, bad instructions, ROMANS
2003-08-10 Love, Ayaka's uncertainty about her nationality, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, Yossui's absentmindedness, Ayaka's shopping embarrassments, questioning the nature of dust
2003-08-17 Vacations, shooting for Ayaka's photobook, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, Ayaka's trouble with train tickets, Ayaka's lost passports, Sexy Requirements
2003-08-24 ROMANS' new single, Mika's visit to a sale at La Foret, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, mistaken train conductors, Mika's wandering away, KissCoco tote bags
2003-08-31 Coconuts Musume's panties, Ayaka's photobook, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, comparing Ayaka's and Ayaya's forgetfulness, Sexy Requirements
2003-09-07 Approaching episode 100, Mika's boxercise, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, Ayaka's restaurant confusion, Coconuts' millennium celebration, planning episode 100
2003-09-14 Ayaka's karaoke, Ayaka's handshake event, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, Ayaka's dish destruction, Ayaka's trouble with train stations, clearing up the confusion about dust
2003-09-21 Approaching episode 100, Mika's trip to LA, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, disturbing the neighbours, littering, Ayaka's trip to LA
2003-09-28 100th Episode Special

Kurohige's KissCoco quiz, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, Ayaka vs Sayaka, Ayaka's careful driving, Hawaiian cockroaches, letters from the listeners, special presents from the Coconuts

2003-10-05 Ayaka's upcoming birthday, Ayaka's dealings with other people, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, Ayaka's trouble with fax machines, Ayaka's forgotten ukulele, Sexy Requirements
2003-10-12 Sports Day, Mika's English classes, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, Ayaka's cell phone, feeding dogs, Ayaka's lost ring, discussing Sexy Mika, Coconuts' spontaneity
2003-10-19 Coconuts' favourite books, Ayaka's gyoza cooking, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, reaping what you sow, skiing adventures, living on mayonnaise, restaurant cockroaches
2003-10-26 Halloween, Ayaka's three recent interests, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, Mika helping her brother, Ayaka ruining her mother's carpet, Ayaka's cookbook, fateful encounters
2003-11-02 Ayaka's 22nd Birthday Special

Ayaka's thoughts on growing up, Mikabucks Coffee, Sexy Mika, forgetting important dates, Ayaka's frequent toilet breaks, torturing insects, Ayaka's birthday presents

2003-11-09 High energy Coconuts, meeting Demon Kogure, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, frightening airplane trips, teacher's pets, Ayaka's cat, surprising frogs, unseen cockroaches
2003-11-16 Shopping for new calendars, Mika's Ginza Cruising, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, missing toilet paper, ancient cell phones, young listeners, cures for insomnia, Mini Moni's new single
2003-11-23 Hair colors, letters from the listeners, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, forgotten pencils, getting colds, Mika's experience at an Ashanti concert
2003-11-30 Ayaka's new wardrobe, Ayaka's Chinese class, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, losing track of the days, railway crossing troubles, seasonal insects, insects on clothes, mosquito bites
2003-12-07 Special Guests: Country Musume

Meeting Country Musume, Question Mika, Coconuts vs Country Penalty Game, Sexy Mika, gifts for Country Musume

2003-12-14 Approaching Christmas, international KissCoco fans, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, open flies, Ayaka's head injury, ear insects, insect info
2003-12-21 Christmas decorations, Ayaka's surprise birthday party, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, canker sores, lost jewellery, eating grasshoppers
2003-12-28 New Year's, the year in review, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, inquisitive cats, busses, Sports Festival injuries

2004[edit | edit source]

Air Date Summary
2004-01-04 New Year's Day, Ayaka's resolutions and fortune, Mika's resolutions and fortune, Sexy Mika, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika returns, New Year's Penalty Game
2004-01-11 Studying for exams, Ayaka's unanswered questions, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, bungy jumping, wisdom tooth removal, pet cockroaches, drawing insects
2004-01-18 Assistant Bob, Ayaka's home economics tips, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, stinking garbage, unreplied emails, complaints about Country Musume, Ayaka's English lessons
2004-01-25 Cold weather, current events, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, auto emergencies, sleeping, eyelashes, garbage insects
2004-02-01 Flu shots, confusing Japanese expressions, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, spiders and snakes, military time confusion, catching colds, Ayaka's flubbed lines
2004-02-08 Valentine's Day chocolates, Mika's romantic advice, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, Ayaka's Chinese class, Danielle's clumsiness, eating spider's webs, clean cockroaches, counting mistakes
2004-02-15 After Valentines Day, romantic male vocalists, Quiz! What Is This?, Sexy Mika, overspending at sales, hairstyle mistakes
2004-02-22 Exams, Ayaka's croquette recipe, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, getting stuck in bottles, getting by in English, Kiiro 3
2004-02-29 Leap years, Ayaka's embarrassments, Quiz! What Is This?, Sexy Mika, punning, Mika's panties, clearing up confusing Japanese expressions
2004-03-07 Graduations, the Superbowl, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, appendixes, Ayaka's lucky pencil, reincarnation
2004-03-14 White Day, Ayaka's acting skills, Quiz! What Is This?, Sexy Mika, bird crap, confusing sauces, surprise insects
2004-03-21 Ayaka's new roommate, Mika's annoying behaviour, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, dog poop, swimming pool embarrassments, KissCoco fan's marriage, Coconuts' musicals
2004-03-28 Hay fever, momi tea and 100 yen coins, Quiz! What Is This?, Sexy Mika, nose blowing, muscle cramps, prettier Coconuts
2004-04-04 Switching roles, Shibuya scouts, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Ayaka, Mika's fitting room woes, forgetting karaoke lyrics, Mika's graduation announcement
2004-04-11 Comic timing, Hollywood success stories, Quiz! What Is This?, Sexy Mika, late fees, surfing, Mika's last taste of Japan
2004-04-18 Learning to drive, four character idioms, Coconuts Mambo, Sexy Mika, dropped electronics, dental anaesthesia, Ayaka's pet dog
2004-04-25 Special Guest: Kiuchi Hidenobu

Golden Week, performing famous love scenes, Question Mika, Sexy Mika, Mika's Selection Best Three

2004-05-02 Mika's Graduation Special

Kurohige's KissCoco quiz, Mika's farewell present, Sexy Mika, graduation messages from the listeners, Ayaka's farewell message, Mika's final message, Sexy Mika's final message

BLEND KISS Episodes[edit | edit source]

Air Date Summary
2004-06-06 Introducing Ayaka and Satoda Mai, Quiz Yakiniku Ribs, Passionate Country Academy, watching movies, stolen bikes
2004-06-13 Ayaka's nasal exam, Quiz Yakiniku Ribs, Passionate Country Academy, reserving DVDs, lost rings

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