Juice=Juice Kanazawa Tomoko Birthday Event 2017
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Fanclub DVD by Kanazawa Tomoko
Native title Juice=Juice 金澤朋子バースデーイベント2017
Released November 25, 2017
Genre Birthday Event
Recorded July 2, 2017
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Kanazawa Tomoko promoting the event

Juice=Juice Kanazawa Tomoko Birthday Event 2017 (Juice=Juice 金澤朋子バースデーイベント2017) was Kanazawa Tomoko's 22nd birthday event. Three events took place at Tokyo Sogo Beauty School on July 2, 2017.

The deadline to pre-order the fanclub-exclusive DVD was on September 28, 2017[1] and it was released to fanclub members on November 25, 2017.[2]


  1. Performance Varies
  2. MC - "Kanazawa Tomoko VS Cafe Maid" corner with guest Miyamoto Karin and @Home Cafe maid hitomi; VTR message from Makino Maria (2nd event only)
  3. YES! Shiawase
  4. Peformance Varies
  5. MC
  6. Performance Varies
  7. Omoi Afurete
  8. MC
  9. Jouro
  10. MC - Message from Suzuki Keita (2nd event only)

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Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Event Starts
7/2 Tokyo Sogo Beauty School Tokyo 12:30 13:15
15:00 15:45
18:00 18:45

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