Juice=Juice CONCERT TOUR 2020 ~Pop Juice Journey~
Juice=Juice promoting the tour
Juice=Juice Concert Tour
Native title Juice=Juice CONCERT TOUR 2020 ~ポップ・ジュース・ジャーニー~
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Juice=Juice CONCERT TOUR 2020 ~Pop Juice Journey~ (Juice=Juice CONCERT TOUR 2020 ~ポップ・ジュース・ジャーニー~) was scheduled to be Juice=Juice's spring 2020 concert tour. It was set to from April 25 to May 31, 2020.

The penultimate concert was set to take place on June 2 at Tokyo Garden Theater, titled the Juice=Juice CONCERT TOUR 2020 ~Pop Juice Journey~ FINAL (Juice=Juice CONCERT TOUR 2020 ~ポップ・ジュース・ジャーニー~ FINAL).

The tour was set to finish on June 3, also at Tokyo Garden Theater, with the Juice=Juice CONCERT TOUR 2020 ~Pop Juice Journey~ FINAL Miyamoto Karin Sotsugyou Special (Juice=Juice CONCERT TOUR 2020 ~ポップ・ジュース・ジャーニー~ FINAL 宮本佳林卒業スペシャル), where member Miyamoto Karin would graduate from Juice=Juice and Hello! Project in order to focus on becoming a soloist.[1][2]

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Concert ScheduleEdit

Date Venue Prefecture Doors Open Concert Starts
4/25 Harmony Hall Zama Dai Hall Kanagawa 13:30 14:30
17:30 18:30
4/26 13:00 14:00
17:00 18:00
5/3 JMS Aster Plaza Dai Hall Hiroshima 14:00 15:00
17:30 18:30
5/4 Fukuoka International Congress Center Main Hall Fukuoka 13:30 14:30
17:00 18:00
5/16 Nippon Tokushutogyo Shimin Kaikan Village Hall Aichi 14:00 15:00
17:30 18:30
5/23 Chiba Prefectural Cultural Center Dai Hall Chiba 14:00 15:00
17:30 18:30
5/31 NHK Osaka Hall Osaka 14:00 15:00
17:30 18:30
6/2 Tokyo Garden Theater Tokyo 17:00 18:00
6/3 17:00 18:00
  • Total: 0 Shows

On April 6, it was announced that all April shows would be cancelled in consideration of a new policy established by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.[3] About a week later, on April 14, it was announced that all May shows would be cancelled too.[4] On April 21, it was announced that the June shows were also cancelled, effectively cancelling the remainder of the tour.[5]


  • Kanazawa Tomoko
  • Takagi Sayuki
  • Miyamoto Karin
  • Uemura Akari
  • Dambara Ruru
  • Inaba Manaka
  • Kudo Yume
  • Matsunaga Riai


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