Juice=Juice#2 -¡Una más!- ("#2" pronounced シャープニ, Sharp Ni;[1] Juice=Juice#2 -Another Drink!-) is Juice=Juice's second album. It was released on August 1, 2018 in two editions: one regular and one limited.

This is the first album to feature Yanagawa Nanami, Dambara Ruru, and Inaba Manaka.

"Goal ~Ashita wa Acchi da yo~ (Album Version)" was selected as the September 2018 ending theme for STV's Netsuretsu! Hot Sand!.[2]



Disc 1
  1. Fiesta! Fiesta!
  3. Naite Ii yo
  4. Vivid Midnight
  5. Jidanda Dance
  6. Feel! Kanjiru yo
  7. Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~
  8. KEEP ON Joshou Shikou!!
  9. Ashita Yarou wa Bakayarou
  10. Next is you! - NEXT YOU
  11. Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja nai
Disc 2
  1. Never Never Surrender
  2. Jouro (Album Version)
  3. TOKYO Glider (TOKYOグライダー)
  4. Synchro. (シンクロ。)
  5. Abarete kka?! Have a Good Time (あばれてっか?!ハブアグッタイ; Enraged?! Have a Good Time)
  6. Sunao ni Amaete (素直に甘えて; I Am Spoiled by Your Honesty)
  7. Goal ~Ashita wa Acchi da yo~ (Album Version)
  8. Gin'iro no Telepathy (銀色のテレパシー; Silver-Colored Telepathy)
  9. Kono Sekai wa Suteta mon ja nai (この世界は捨てたもんじゃない; What This World Hasn't Thrown Away)
  10. Kindan Shoujo (禁断少女; Forbidden Girl)
  11. Otona no Jijou - NEXT YOU
  12. Wonderful World (2018 English Ver.)

Limited Edition Blu-rayEdit

  1. Next is you! (Music Video)
  2. Next is you! (Dance Shot Ver.)
  3. Next is you! (Close-up Ver.)
  4. Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja nai (Music Video)
  5. Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja nai (Dance Shot Ver.)
  6. Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja nai (Close-up Ver.)
  7. Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~ (Music Video)
  8. Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~ (Dance Shot Ver.)
  9. Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~ (Close-up Ver.)
  10. KEEP ON Joshou Shikou!! (Music Video)
  11. KEEP ON Joshou Shikou!! (Dance Shot Ver.)
  12. KEEP ON Joshou Shikou!! (Close-up Ver.)
  13. Ashita Yarou wa Bakayarou (Music Video)
  14. Ashita Yarou wa Bakayarou (Dance Shot Ver.)
  15. Ashita Yarou wa Bakayarou (Close-up Ver.)
  16. Jidanda Dance (Music Video)
  17. Jidanda Dance (Dance Shot Ver.)
  18. Jidanda Dance (Close-up Ver.)
  19. Feel! Kanjiru yo (Music Video)
  20. Feel! Kanjiru yo (Dance Shot Ver.)
  21. Feel! Kanjiru yo (Close-up Ver.)
  22. SEXY SEXY (Music Video)
  23. SEXY SEXY (Dance Shot Ver.)
  24. SEXY SEXY (Close-up Ver.)
  25. Naite Ii yo (Music Video)
  26. Naite Ii yo (Dance Shot Ver.)
  27. Naite Ii yo (Close-up Ver.)
  28. Vivid Midnight (Music Video)
  29. Vivid Midnight (Dance Shot Ver.)
Bonus Footage 1
  1. Next is you! (TV-SPOT 15 sec.)
  2. Karada Dake ga Otona ni Nattan ja nai (TV-SPOT 15 sec.)
  3. Dream Road ~Kokoro ga Odoridashiteru~ (TV-SPOT 15 sec.)
  4. KEEP ON Joshou Shikou!! (TV-SPOT 15 sec.)
  5. Ashita Yarou wa Bakayarou (TV-SPOT 15 sec.)
  6. Jidanda Dance (TV-SPOT 15 sec.)
  7. Jidanda Dance (TV-SPOT 30 sec.)
  8. Feel! Kanjiru yo (TV-SPOT 15 sec.)
  9. Feel! Kanjiru yo (TV-SPOT 30 sec.)
  10. SEXY SEXY (TV-SPOT 15 sec.)
  11. SEXY SEXY (TV-SPOT 30 sec.)
  12. Naite Ii yo (TV-SPOT 15 sec.)
  13. Naite Ii yo (TV-SPOT 30 sec.)
  14. Vivid Midnight (TV-SPOT 15 sec.)
  15. Vivid Midnight (TV-SPOT 30 sec.)
Bonus Footage 2
  1. Jacket Satsuei Making (ジャケット撮影メイキング; Making of the CD Jacket Photoshoot)

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Juice=Juice promoting the album

Album InformationEdit

Disc 1
Disc 2


TV PerformancesEdit

Concert PerformancesEdit

Never Never Surrender
TOKYO Glider
Abarete kka?! Have a Good Time
Sunao ni Amaete
Gin'iro no Telepathy
Kono Sekai wa Suteta mon ja nai
Kindan Shoujo
Jouro (Album Version)

Event PerformancesEdit

Sunao ni Amaete
Gin'iro no Telepathy
Kono Sekai wa Suteta mon ja nai

Chart PositionsEdit

Oricon Chart PositionsEdit

Daily & Weekly Ranking
Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 4 4 15 4 9 12 4 15,439
- - - - - - - 64 772
- - - - - - - 139 351
Monthly Ranking
Year Month Month Rank Sales Ref
2018 July 28 15,439 [3]

Total reported sales: 16,562*

Billboard Japan Top Album SalesEdit

Week Rank Sales Ref
4 13,945 [4]
56 N/A [5]

Total reported sales: 13,945*

Other Chart RankingsEdit

Country Chart Highest
Flag of Japan.svg Japan Billboard Japan Albums Sales (First Three Days) 4
Billboard Japan Hot Albums 7 [7]
Billboard Japan Top Download Albums 14 [8]


  • The album was first announced in episode #271 of Hello! Project Station on May 23, 2018.[9]
  • "Una más" translates to "mou ippai" (もう一杯) in Japanese,[1] which is a phrase fans chant in encore calls.


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