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Jinsei ga Mou Hajimatteru (人生がもう始まってる; Life Has Already Begun) is the first single by Ichii Sayaka in CUBIC-CROSS. It was released on April 24, 2002. The single ranked at #11 at the Oricon charts.


  1. Jinsei ga Mou Hajimatteru
  2. Sora (空; The Sky)
  3. Jinsei ga Mou Hajimatteru (Instrumental)

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Single Information[]

Jinsei ga Mou Hajimatteru


  • First press: an entrance ticket to a mini-live.
  • Tsunku is credited as guest chorus on the track "Jinsei ga Mou Hajimatteru".
  • Ichii graduated from Morning Musume in May 2000. The official statement was that she was going to go back to school. Six months later, however, she released FOLK SONGS and a year after this we saw the release of her debut single. Rumours has it that Ichii was supposed to be «the second face» of Morning Musume after Asuka Fukuda had graduated. If this is true, then management must have changed their mind when Maki Goto joined, as she was given this role. This bothered Ichii so much that she graduated, and was given a «solo» career instead.

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