Jeanne d'Arc
Single by Rin
Native title ジャンヌダルク
Released June 14, 2010
Genre J-Pop
Format Digital single
Length 3:48
Producer Shimazaki Takamitsu
Rin Singles Chronology
Previous LOVE (2010)
Concurrent Android (2010)
Next Desperado (2010)

Jeanne d'Arc (ジャンヌダルク; Joan of Arc) is the fourth digital single by Rin.


  1. Jeanne d'Arc

Single InformationEdit

  • Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: Shimazaki Takamitsu


  • This single was released on the same day as her fifth digital single Android.
  • «Jeanne D’Arc» is Rin‘s fourth digital single, released during her summer single spree. Her fifth digital release (Android) was released on the same date, and her sixth and seventh the following month

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