Itoshi no Paris Neko 2 ~Neko to Sara to Watashi~
Front Cover (with obi)
Photobook by Masa Tanaka, Michishige Sayumi
Native Title 愛しのパリ猫2~猫とセーラと私~
Released April 13, 2018 (Venue)
April 16, 2018 (General)
Publisher Odyssey Books
Cooperation with Wani Books
Photographer Masa Tanaka
Masa Tanaka, Michishige Sayumi Publications Chronology
Previous Itoshi no Paris Neko -Oshare de Kawaii Paris no Neko Café de Iyasareru!-
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Front Cover (without obi)
Itoshi no Paris Neko 2 ~Neko to Sara to Watashi~ (愛しのパリ猫2~猫とセーラと私~; Beloved Paris Cats 2 ~Cats and Sara and Me~) is a cat photobook by photographer Masa Tanaka in collaboration with Michishige Sayumi.[1] It was pre-released on April 13, 2018 at the SAYUMINGLANDOLL ~Shukumei~ venue[2] and released for general sale on April 16, 2018. It is published by Odyssey Books and marketed by Wani Books.[3] The initial release date was April 6, 2018, but it was postponed.[4]

In the previous Itoshi no Paris Neko photobook, Michishige only provided commentary on cat photos. This time she is also featured in gravure photos.

Official DescriptionEdit

The second installment of Itoshi no Paris Neko.
In this photobook, Morning Musume OG member Michishige Sayumi, who is a Paris-lover and a cat-lover, appears throughout the first half.
Michishige Sayumi's latest gravure is published in the section "If I Was a Cat", in which she dresses in fashion with a cat motif. The published photos were selected with much enthusiasm.
Next is the "Fully Loaded with Private, Unpublished Photos of Sara and Me!" section with handwritten comments and cute illustrations.
The second half features the stylish Paris cats that receive comments overflowing with love from Michishige just by looking at the photos.

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