Itoshi no Paris Neko -Oshare de Kawaii Paris no Neko Café de Iyasareru!-
Photobook by Masa Tanaka, Michishige Sayumi
Native Title 愛しのパリ猫 -おしゃれでかわいいパリの猫カフェで癒される!-
Released April 17, 2017
Publisher Odyssey Books
Photographer Masa Tanaka
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Itoshi no Paris Neko -Oshare de Kawaii Paris no Neko Café de Iyasareru!- (愛しのパリ猫 -おしゃれでかわいいパリの猫カフェで癒される!-; Beloved Paris Cats -You Will Be Healed by the Stylish and Cute Cat Cafés of Paris!-) is a cat photobook by photographer Masa Tanaka with commentary by Michishige Sayumi. It was released on April 17, 2017 by Odyssey Books.

Official DescriptionEdit

Itoshi no Paris Neko is a photo collection that introduces the expressions of 22 cats in Paris, France during first time visits at Le Café des Chats in Le Marais and the second Le Café des Chats in Bastille. These cat cafés are based on the principle "Sauver la vie!" (= Save lives!) and receive the cats from animal welfare organizations.

The cat commentary is by Michishige Sayumi. While in Morning Musume, she came to Paris for a live in July 2010 (Japan Expo) and a handshake event in 2012, when she also visited the Louvre Museum and the Arc de Triomphe. Michishige loves cats and sometimes talks about her older sister's cat Sara-chan on her blog. She gives a charming presentation with her cat-loving point of view. The photos are taken by Masa Tanaka, a photographer living in Paris.

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