Isshakudama de Buppanase!
Digital Song by Hello Pro Kenshuusei
from the album Rainbow×2
Track Number #9
Native title 一尺玉でぶっ放せ!
Released June 30, 2017 (Digital)
May 6, 2018 (Album)
Genre J-Pop
Length 3:44
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Next Arigatameiwaku Monogatari (2017)
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Hello Pro Kenshuusei - Isshakudama de Buppanase!

25s clip of "Isshakudama de Buppanase!"

Isshakudama de Buppanase! (一尺玉でぶっ放せ!; Blast Off With a Firework!) is a song by Hello Pro Kenshuusei. It was digitally released on June 30, 2017 as part of Upcoming's Music Delivery corner alongside Inoue no Uta.[1] The song was later included in the 2018 indies album Rainbow×2.

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  • [2019.08.04] TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL


  • The song's release was announced on episode #73 of Upcoming, which was uploaded on the same day as the release itself.[2]


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