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Ishimura Maiha (石村舞波) is a former member of Berryz Koubou and Hello! Project Kids. She graduated from Hello! Project and the group on October 2, 2005 to continue her schooling full-time. To date, she is the youngest member in Hello! Project to have a graduation ceremony at age 12.



Ishimura Maiha, 2012

Ishimura Maiha, 2010

Ishimura Maiha, 2009

Ishimura Maiha, August 2005

Ishimura Maiha, July 2005

Ishimura Maiha

Ishimura Maiha

Early Life[]

Ishimura Maiha was born on November 20, 1992 in Chiba, Japan to a couple whose names are undisclosed.


On June 30, Ishimura successfully passed the Hello! Project Kids Audition and joined Hello! Project as one of the fifteen Hello! Project Kids.[1]


In 2004, she was one of the eight members selected to form Berryz Koubou. She was known for "Maiha-Man", an ascii art character based on her.


She graduated from the group and from Hello! Project on October 2, 2005, at the end of their 2005 Fall concert tour, making her the second H!P member who had her own Graduation Concert outside of Morning Musume (the first being Heike Michiyo). The official reason stated was that she wanted to continue with her schooling full-time.

It was rumored at the time of her departure that her junior high school did not allow her to work as an idol. There was later news about her attending Shinagawa Étoile Girls High School, an elite private school in Tokyo, somewhere near Chiba. This confirmed the rumor, as the school's regulations forbids its students to work after-school.


In 2012, Ishimura began working at her father's eel shop.


In 2014, Ishimura signed under Oscar Promotion. This marked her first appearance in the entertainment industry since her graduation in 2005, 9 years previous. She remained signed under the agency until she retired once more in 2015.

Personal Life[]

When Ishimura joined Hello! Project Kids, she was a fourth year elementary school student.[1]

Ishimura's given name means dance (舞; mai) and wave (波), it's a feminine Japanese given name; her surname means stone (石; ishi) and village (村; mura)

Here is a list of nicknames that was used to refer to Ishimura Maiha:

  • Maihacchi (まいはっち): Official nickname, given her since joining Berryz Koubou. Used by members and fans.


  • Name: Ishimura Maiha (石村舞波)
  • Nickname: Maihacchi (まいはっち), Maihaa-chan (まいはーちゃん)
  • Birthdate: November 20, 1992 (1992-11-20) (age 29)
  • Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
  • Blood Type: B
  • Height: 159 cm (5 ft 2.5 in)?
  • Western Zodiac: Scorpio.svg Scorpio
  • Eastern Zodiac: Monkey.png Monkey
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2002-06-30: Member
    • 2004-01-14: Berryz Koubou Member
    • 2005-10-02: Graduated
  • UP-FRONT GROUP Status:
  • Years in Berryz Koubou: 1 Year
  • Former Berryz Koubou color: LightBlue Penlight.png Light Blue
  • Hello! Project Groups:
  • Shuffle Units:
  • Concert Units:
  • Other Groups:

  • Hobby: Collecting stickers, Accessories
  • Special skill: Baton
  • Strong point: I can get along with anyone
  • Weak point: I say bad words from time to time.
  • Habit: Rubbing my nose
  • Favorite color: Light blue, pink, willow orange
  • Favorite flower: Lily
  • Disliked thing/thing to do: Horizontal bar, pole-climbing
  • Scared of: Dad when he's mad
  • Favorite movie: "Odori Daisousasen"
  • Favorite book: "Hontou no Hachikou Monogatari"
  • Favorite word: "Kibou" (hope)
  • Favorite season: Winter
  • Favorite food: Fruits, gratin
  • Least favorite food: Green peas, broccoli, asparagus
  • Favorite song: "Koi wo Shichaimashita!" (Tanpopo)
  • Charm point: Dimples
  • Favorite Animals: Rabbit, Cat, Dog, Panda
  • Most respected person: Mother
  • Sports: Rope Skipping
  • Favorite clothes: Twill pants
  • Personal Treasure: Strawberry Pattern Pillow
  • Activity on Holidays: Watching television, Studying
  • What would you take to a deserted island?: Food, Shovel
  • What would you do if you won the lottery?: Deposit
  • What would you do if you were a man?: Surfing
  • Dreams of: Becoming a singer
  • Wants to go to: Hawaii
  • What would you have done if you hadn't been chosen for BK: Would be a normal student
  • Likes to do in the work: Try on western clothes
  • What animal would you be: A Cat
  • Favorite Place: Sea
  • Role played in the group: Makes other people feel calm.

  • Discography Participated In[]



    250px-Koinu Dan no Monogatari Cover.jpg

    TV Programs[]


    • [2005.08.11] 21st Hello Pro Video Chat (on Flets)


    • [2005.03.30-09.27] Berryz Koubou Kiritsu! Rei! Chakuseki!


    • Her best friend within the group was Sugaya Risako, but after she graduated she got closer to Tsugunaga Momoko.
    • There had been rumors of Ishimura returning after she had completed her studies, as supposedly stated by Tsunku. These rumors have proven false.
    • In 2009, during the Berryz Koubou Alo Hello Hawaii Fan Club Tour, a banner depicting Berryz Koubou with all eight members was drawn by Tsugunaga and shown to fanclub members.
    • Shares the same birthday with Bitter & Sweet member Tasaki Asashi.


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