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Ishikawa Rika (石川梨華) is a Japanese singer and talent signed under J.P ROOM. She is best known as a former idol under Hello! Project as a 4th generation member of Morning Musume and the leader of the former group v-u-den.


Ishikawa Rika, 2015

Ishikawa Rika, 2014

Ishikawa Rika, 2013

Ishikawa Rika, 2013

Ishikawa Rika, 2012

Ishikawa Rika, 2012

Ishikawa Rika, April 2012

Ishikawa Rika, January 2012 in Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen

Ishikawa Rika, 2011

Ishikawa Rika, April 2011

Ishikawa Rika, March 2010

Ishikawa Rika, 2009

Ishikawa Rika as ANGRY

Ishikawa Rika, 2008

Ishikawa Rika, 2007

Ishikawa Rika, May 2007

Ishikawa Rika, 2006

Ishikawa Rika, 2005

Ishikawa Rika, 2004

Ishikawa Rika, December 2004

Ishikawa Rika, December 2004 in H.P All Stars

Ishikawa Rika, February 2004

Ishikawa Rika, September 2003 in Otomegumi

Ishikawa Rika, February 2003

Ishikawa Rika, September 2002

Ishikawa Rika, August 2002

Ishikawa Rika, July 2001 in 3nin Matsuri

Ishikawa Rika, December 2000

Ishikawa Rika during auditions, 2000


Ishikawa auditioned for Morning Musume while it was holding its fourth generation auditions. She succeeded and entered the fourth generation with three other girls; Yoshizawa Hitomi, Tsuji Nozomi, and Kago Ai. The fourth generation's debut single was Morning Musume's 9th single, "Happy Summer Wedding". Ishikawa Rika breifly became a replacement member for the 2000 shuffle unit, Aoiro 7. At the same time as this, Ishikawa was added as a second generation member to the first official Morning Musume sub-group, Tanpopo.


In 2001, Ishikawa was added to the then-semi-dormant Hello! Project group Country Musume. It was hoped that she could help get the fairly quiet group back onto its feet and allow her fans to spill over to the group to aid in its sales.

As Ishikawa was working hard within both these groups, she was also performing as a full recording member of Morning Musume and in 2001 she received a prominent part in Morning Musume's twelfth single "The☆Peace!". The part was not a singing part but rather a spoken part near the end that focused entirely on her. The song became a personal favorite of Ishikawa as the monologue spoken by her towards the end of the song became one of her favorite moments of being in Morning Musume.

Ishikawa also took part in her first shuffle unit recording as a part of 3nin Matsuri alongside her fellow Morning Musume member Kago Ai and Hello! Project soloist Matsuura Aya.


Ishikawa continued her duties within Morning Musume, Tanpopo and Country Musume during 2002, taking part in the 2002 shuffle unit Sexy 8. Sexy 8 won the competition that the Hello! Project shuffle units competed in every year; selling the most copies of their singles out of the three shuffle groups.


In a surprise move by Tsunku, Morning Musume was split into two halves - Morning Musume Otome Gumi and Morning Musume Sakura Gumi - so that the large group could perform in smaller towns that could not hold the larger numbers the full ensemble needed. Ishikawa was placed into Otome Gumi and released two single with the group before the groups merged together and formed Morning Musume once more. Ishikawa was included in the 2003 Elemental Shuffle Groups as a member of 7AIR.

It was in 2003 that Ishikawa ended her duties as leader within Tanpopo and as a member of Country Musume. She instead joined the short-lived ROMANS group in 2003, releasing only one single, "Sexy Night ~Wasurerarenai Kare~", on August 20, 2003 before disbanding the same year.


In May, it was announced that Ishikawa would be graduating from Morning Musume. She would graduate during the 2005 Morning Musume concert tour.[2]

In the second quarter of 2004, the formation of a new Hello! Project group Ecomoni was announced. Ishikawa was to be partnered with Morning Musume's Michishige Sayumi in the hopes that their group could promote environmental awareness. The group was originally supposed to be a temporary Hello! Project group, existing only for the duration of the Morning Musume "Acchii Chikyuu wo Samasunda." Bunkasai 2004 environmental festival, lasting from June 19, 2004 to June 20, 2004. After the festival, instead of disbanding the group, Ecomoni started to appear on Japanese TV, especially on the program Oha Suta (おはスタ).

In August, the formation of another Hello! Project group involving Ishikawa was announced. Ishikawa was going to be the leader of a new group v-u-den, alongside Hello Pro Egg member Okada Yui and 2003 Hello! Project Shin Unit Audition winner Miyoshi Erika. The group released their debut single "Koi no Nukegara" on September 23, 2004. The new group also starred in their own television show Majokko Rikachan no Magical Biyuuden (魔女っ娘。梨華ちゃんのマジカル美勇伝) between October 4, 2004 and December 24, 2004.


On May 7, Ishikawa graduated from Morning Musume at Nippon Budokan to concentrate her efforts on v-u-den. The group released four more singles which was then followed by their debut album, "Suite Room Number 1", in October 2005.


On January 26, it was announced that on June 29, 2008 v-u-den would be disbanding after four years of being one of the most active Hello! Project groups in regards to single and album releases. On April 23, v-u-den released their final single, Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU and officially disbanded after their last concert during their v-u-densetsu 5 tour. Ishikawa was to go on with her career as a member of Ongaku Gatas and as a player for Gatas Brilhantes H.P.. Ongaku Gatas released their first album "1st GOODSAL" on February 6 and their third single on September 10.

On October 12, it was announced that Ishikawa was going to be paired up with fellow ex-Morning Musume member Yoshizawa Hitomi in the new unit HANGRY & ANGRY in collaboration with a Harajuku fashion store of the same name. HANGRY & ANGRY made their first United States performance at Sakura-Con in Seattle, Washington in April 2009.


On March 31, Ishikawa graduated from Hello! Project with the rest of Elder Club.

From May 8 to 17, she starred in the stage play "Tokyo Alice" alongside fellow former Morning Musume members Yoshizawa Hitomi and Ogawa Makoto.[3]


On January 1, Ishikawa opened up an official blog.

On February 9, It was announced Ishikawa and Hello Pro Kenshuusei members Kikkawa Yuu and Sengoku Minami will be in a stage play titled Tiger Breathing. The play ran from 5/7-11.

On July 9, it was announced that Ishikawa would have an fanclub exclusive solo event titled Ishikawa Rika Casual Dinner Show,[4] with two shows on August 21.

From October 8 to 10, Ishikawa appeared as one half of HANGRY & ANGRY at the New York Anime Festival (NYAF). She participated in the h.Naoto fashion show and panel.

On September 2, it was announced Ishikawa and Yoshizawa Hitomi would have an FC exclusive event titled Ishikawa Rika & Yoshizawa Hitomi FC Event. The event took place at Yokohama BLITZ on October 25 and October 27.[5]


On January 28, it was announced that Ishikawa was part of the OG member group Dream Morning Musume and that they would be releasing the groups first album, called "Dorimusu ①", on April 20th, 2011. On July 04, 2011 Okai Chisato and Ishikawa were in a mini drama titled Tokusou Shirei! Aichi Police.

On November 9, she opened an Ameba blog.


In April 2012, Ishikawa starred in the movie Atsuhime Number 1 where she played the role of a Shogun's wife travelling through a time slipped into the future, present day Japan.

In short previews of Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen, it was revealed that Ishikawa plays Machida Nina's big sister.


On February 12, it was announced that Ishikawa would star in the stage play Moshimo Kokumin ga Shusho wo Erandara along with Takahashi AiS/mileage members Wada Ayaka and Fukuda Kanon, and Juice=Juice members Miyamoto Karin and Uemura Akari. There were 11 showings from April 24 through April 30.[6]

On October 1, Ishikawa was transferred to J.P ROOM alongside Yoshizawa Hitomi and Yasuda Kei.


On August 5, Ishikawa revealed that she is in a relationship with Nogami Ryoma, a professional pitcher for the baseball team Saitama Seibu Lions.[7] It has been reported that they have been dating since the end of last year.


On December 31, Ishikawa made a surprise appearance in the second part of the Hello! Project COUNTDOWN PARTY 2016 ~GOOD BYE & HELLO!~, performing in four group songs.[8]


On January 1, Sports Hochi reported that Ishikawa and Nogami intend to get married sometime in 2017.[9] This was later confirmed,[10][11] and they officially registered their marriage on March 13.[12]

On November 16, Nogami revealed in an interview with Sports Hochi that Ishikawa was five months pregnant with their first child and she is expected give birth in the spring.[13] Ishikawa also made an announcement on her blog the next day.[14]

On December 9, Ishikawa and Nogami held their wedding party,[15] which was attended by several former Hello! Project members[16] and Nogami's former teammates from the Saitama Seibu Lions.[17]


On April 25, Ishikawa announced that she gave birth to a son.[18]


On November 18, Ishikawa announced that she was pregnant with her second child.[19]


On January 11, Ishikawa announced that she gave birth to her second child, a son.[20]

Personal Life[]

Ishikawa has two sisters, Mie and Yuria.

When Ishikawa joined Morning Musume, she was a third year middle school student.

Here is a list of nicknames that was used to refer to Ishikawa Rika:

  • Charmy: Official nickname, given her since joining Morning Musume. Used by members and fans.


  • Hobbies: Shopping, tennis, nail art and earrings
  • Favorite colors: Pink, white, black
  • Favorite food: Shiratama dumplings with red beans, cheese, sweets, meat
  • Favorite season: Summer
  • Favorite flowers: Dandelions
  • Dislikes: Birds
  • Special skill: Y balance, yo-yo

  • Discography[]


    Solo Songs[]

    Solo DVDs[]



    Solo Photobooks[]


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    Digital Photobooks[]


    Concert Photobooks[]


    • [2007.01.28] Rika Ishikawa Hello! Project 2007 Winter Concert




    • [2000] Pinch Runner (ピンチランナー)
    • [2002] Tokkaekko (とっかえっ娘。)
    • [2003] Koinu Dan no Monogatari (子犬ダンの物語 )
    • [2003] Seishun Bakachin Ryōri Jyuku & 17sai ~Tabidachi no Futari~ ( 「青春ばかちん料理塾」&「17才~旅立ちのふたり」ビジュアルブック?)
    • [2004] Tottoko Hamtaro Hamu Hamu Hapa Radaicho!
    • [2006] Sukeban Deka:Codename = Asamiya Saki (スケバン刑事 コードネーム=麻宮サキ)
    • [2012] Atsuhime number 1 (篤姫ナンバー1)

    TV Shows[]

    TV Dramas[]

    • [2002.01.02] Haikara-san ga Tooru (はいからさんが通る)
    • [2002.08.17] Tou-san no Natsu Matsuri (父さんの夏まつり)
    • [2002.12.28] Ore ga Aitsu de Aitsu ga Ore de (おれがあいつであいつがおれで)
    • [2003.12.21] LAST PRESENT (ラストプレセント)
    • [2004.02.23] Ranpo R (乱歩R)
    • [2005.01.02] Shinshun Wide Jidaigeki "Kunitori Monogatari" (新春ワイド時代劇『国盗り物語』)
    • [2010] Choo Choo Cheers Kohen (チューチューチアーズ後編)
    • [2011.05.09] Getsuyou Golden (月曜ゴールデン)
    • [2011] Tokusou Shirei! Aichi Police (特捜指令!アイチ★ポリス) (as Rika)
    • [2012] Suugaku♥Joshi Gakuen (数学♥女子学園)
    • [2013] Counter no Futari Season 2 (カウンターのふたり シーズン2)
    • [2013] Tsuri Keiji 4 (釣り刑事4)
    • [2014] Sekai no Nihonjin Tsuma wa Mita! (世界の日本人妻は見た!)
    • [2015] Tsuri Keiji 6 (釣り刑事6)


    • [2000] Glico Mousse Pocky
    • [2003] J Beef "Oniku Suki Suki"
    • [2004] Elleseine
    • [2012-] KICONA


    • [2012-] Premium Tsubaki-chan

    Music Videos[]



    • [2000.10.03 - 2003.09.23] OH-SO-RO Editorial dandelion!
    • [2003.04.03 – 2004.03.27] MBS Young Town Dōyōbi
    • [2004.04.02 - 2006.09.21] v-u-den☆Ishikawa Rika no Chanka☆Charmy!
    • [2005.02.18 – 2005.03.11] Hello Pro Yanen!!
    • [2005.04.03 – 2005.04.10 / 2005.05.8- ] B.B.L.
    • [2006.08.06] v-u-den Beauty Hour 21



    • [2007.05.04-22] Itsu no Hi Kimi Kaeru (いつの日君帰る)
    • [2009.05.08-17] Tokyo Alice (東京アリス)
    • [2009.07.25-08.21] Opera do Marandoro (オペラ・ド・マランドロ)
    • [2010.05.07-11] Tiger Breathing (タイガーブリージング)
    • [2010.07.28-08.01] Natsu uta nikki (夏唄日記)
    • [2010.12.30-31] Hatsukoi wa shi no kaori! ~Ai wa kagerou no yo ni satsujin jiken (初恋は死の香り!〜愛はかげろうのように殺人事件)
    • [2012.04.07-26] Sasameyuki (細雪)
    • [2013.03.03-20] Mito komon (水戸黄門)
    • [2013.04.24-30] Moshimo Kokumin ga Shusho wo Erandara (もしも国民が首相を選んだら)


    • Ishikawa has been in the most Hello! Project units out of all the members.
    • Her Morning Musume mentor was Yasuda Kei.
    • She considers her mother her rival because she always says to Ishikawa that she used to be cuter.
    • One of her nicknames as a child was "Chimu", due to the fact that she used to be chubby (muchimuchi).
    • Her favorite baseball team is the Hanshin Tigers.
    • She previously suffered from severe ornithophobia (fear of birds), which was frequently made fun of during her appearances on Utaban. During a 2005 New Year's Day special, however, she seemed to respond well to hypnotherapy, and she has mostly outgrown her fear since then.[1]
    • She is best friends with Shibata Ayumi. Also known to get along well with Yasuda Kei and Yaguchi Mari. Ayaka has also stated that they often hang out together, along with Yoshizawa Hitomi and Satoda Mai.
    • She hates injections, and stated that she has it tough, since she has small, hard-to-find blood vessels.[verification overdue]
    • She is known to have a very noticeable chin. Abe Natsumi sometimes calls her "Ago-chan" ("ago" means "chin"). Yoshizawa Hitomi constantly teases her about her chin as well.
    • While she was the host in Hello! Morning, she had the nickname "Charmy", due to her charming and narcissistic personality.
    • She is quite knowledgeable about baseball due to the fact that her father is a big baseball fan.
    • She wanted to leave Hello! Project to become a gravure model.[verification overdue]
    • AKB48 Team B member Kashiwagi Yuki is a huge fan of Ishikawa, and was her reason to become an idol. Yuki finally met Ishikawa, and both got along well with each other.[verification overdue]
    • She is the first Hello! Project member to have "graduated" from a main group to then "debut" in another main group (graduated from Morning Musume in May 2005 and debuted in v-u-den the same month). The other members to do so are Tsugunaga Momoko and Inaba Manaka.
      • Incidentally, all three members were at once members of Country Musume / Country Girls.
      • This excludes Konno Asami, who graduated from Morning Musume and Hello! Project in July 2006, but returned to join Ongaku Gatas in June 2007. She, coincidentally, was also once a member of Country Musume.

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    Country Musume ni Ishikawa Rika: 1. Hajimete no Happy Birthday! • 2. Koibito wa Kokoro no Ouendan • 3. Iroppoi Onna ~SEXY BABY~ • 4. BYE BYE Saigo no Yoru
    Country Musume ni Konno to Fujimoto: 5. Uwaki na Honey Pie • 6. Senpai ~LOVE AGAIN~ • 7. Shining Itoshiki Anata
    Collaboration Singles ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL!Oyaji no Kokoro ni Tomotta Chiisa na Hi ~Duet Version~

    Original: 1. Country Musume Daizenshuu ① • 2. Country Musume Daizenshuu ②
    Best: 1. Country Musume Mega Best

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    Singles 1. Koi no Nukegara • 2. Kacchoii ze! JAPAN • 3. Ajisai Ai Ai Monogatari • 4.Hitorijime • 5. Kurenai no Kisetsu • 6. Issai Gassai Anata ni∮A.ge.ru♪ • 7. Aisu Cream to My Purin • 8. Koisuru♡Angel♡Heart • 9. Jaja Uma Paradise • 10. Nanni mo Iwazu ni I LOVE YOU
    Albums Original: Suite Room Number 1
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    Singles 1. Last Kiss • 2. Motto • 3. Tanpopo (Single Version) • 4. Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru • 5. Otome Pasta ni Kandou • 6. Koi wo Shichaimashita! • 7. Oujisama to Yuki no Yoru • 8. BE HAPPY Koi no Yajirobee
    Albums Original: TANPOPO 1
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    Albums 1. 1st GOODSAL
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