Ishida Ayumi & Oda Sakura (Morning Musume '16) no "Love-Love Date in Kyoto ~Sakura to Issho ni Sakura wo Mi ni Ikou!~" Kanzenhan
DVD by Ishida Ayumi, Oda Sakura
Native title 石田亜佑美&小田さくら(モーニング娘。'16)の「ラブラブデート in 京都 ~さくらと一緒にサクラを見に行こう!~」完全版
Released October 4, 2016
Format DVD
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Ishida Ayumi & Oda Sakura (Morning Musume '16) no "Love-Love Date in Kyoto ~Sakura to Issho ni Sakura wo Mi ni Ikou!~" Kanzenhan (石田亜佑美&小田さくら(モーニング娘。'16)の「ラブラブデート in 京都 ~さくらと一緒にサクラを見に行こう!~」完全版; Ishida Ayumi & Oda Sakura (Morning Musume '16) in "Love-Love Date in Kyoto ~Let's Go See the Cherry Blossoms with Sakura!~" Complete Edition) is the first Girls Night Out DVD, featuring Morning Musume '16 members Ishida Ayumi and Oda Sakura from their Girls Hang Out segments shown in episodes #13 to #15. It was released on October 4, 2016 through the e-LineUP! web store.

The DVD includes audio commentary and unreleased footage.


  1. Fuan'na Start! Opening (不安なスタート!オープニング; Uneasy Start! Opening)
  2. Surechigau Futari Jishu Jinja (すれ違う2人 地主神社; A Disagreement Between the Two at Jishu Shrine)
  3. Obanzai de Obanza~i! CHERiYA (おばんざいでおばんざ~い!CHIERiYA; A Banza~i! for Obanzai at CHERiYA)
  4. Zeppin Kinako Ice Gion Kinana Honten (絶品きなこアイス 祇園きなな 本店; Exquisite Kinako Ice Cream from the Gion Kinana Main Store)
  5. Sakura to Sakura Okazaki Sakura・Wakaba Kairou Jukkokubune Meguri (さくらとサクラ 岡崎さくら・わかば回廊 十石舟めぐり; Sakura and Cherry Blossoms, a Boat Ride Through a Canal of Okazaki Cherry Blossom Trees and Fresh Verdure)
  6. Hajimete no Omatcha Murin-an (初めてのお抹茶 無鄰菴; First Time Drinking Matcha Tea at the Murin-an Garden)
  7. Shougeki no Happening! Issen Yoshoku Honten (衝撃のハプニング!壹錢洋食 本店; Shock Happening! at the Issen Yoshoku Main Store)
  8. Sakura Namiki wo Sanpo Gion Shirakawa (さくら並木を散歩 祇園白川; Walking Alongside the Cherry Blossom Trees of the Shirakawa Street in Gion)
  9. Futari wa Couple? Kamogawa (2人はカップル? 鴨川; Are These Two a Couple? at Kamo River)
  10. Kirei ni Dai Henshin!! Maiko Taiken Sho Gion AYA (綺麗に大変身!!舞妓体験処 ぎをん彩 -AYA-; A Beautiful Makeover!! Maiko Makeover Experience at Gion AYA)
  11. Mikoukaishuu (未公開集; Unreleased Compilation)

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