Ise Layla (伊勢鈴蘭, also written as Ise Reira) is a Japanese pop singer under Hello! Project as a 7th generation member of ANGERME.[1]



Ise Layla, November 2019


Ise Layla, July 2019


Ise Layla, May 2019


Ise Layla, April 2019


Ise Layla, November 2018

Early LifeEdit

Ise Layla was born on January 19, 2004 in Hokkaido, Japan.


In the summer, Ise took part in the Hello! Project "ONLY YOU" Audition after her sister sent in an application for her without her permission.[2] She made it to the third round,[3] but failed to become a finalist. In spite of this, she won the audition and was selected to join ANGERME instead of BEYOOOOONDS.[4]

On November 23, Ise was revealed as a new member of ANGERME alongside Hello Pro Kenshuusei Hokkaido member Oota Haruka during the ANGERME 2018 Aki "Denkousekka" concert at Pacifico Yokohama.[1][5] She and Ota would start performing with the group after the new year in the Hello! Project 20th Anniversary!! Hello! Project 2019 WINTER concert tour.[2]


From March 9, Ise starred in PIZZA-LA's "Yokubari Quarter" spring 2019 commercial campaign with Degawa Tetsuro and fellow ANGERME members Sasaki Rikako, Kamikokuryo Moe, and Funaki Musubu.[6][7]


On January 20, Ise celebrated her 16th birthday at a fanclub event titled ANGERME Ise Layla Birthday Event 2020, featuring two shows at TOKYO FM HALL.

On July 13, it was announced that she would be one of several current and former Hello! Project members starring in an episode of a new horror television drama based on the book, Hobonichi no Kaidan. The drama will begin airing on the dTV Channel's Hikari TV Channel+ on August 23 at 19:00 JST, and repeat airings will begin airing on TV Kanagawa on August 26 at 23:00 JST.[8][9]

Personal LifeEdit

She has an older sister.[2]

When Ise joined ANGERME, she was in her third year of middle school.[1] She graduated from middle school in March 2019[10] and would begin high school the following April. As of April 2020, she is currently in her second year of high school.

She gets along best with her generation mate Oota Haruka in ANGERME.

She was named after the Eric Clapton song "Layla".[11]

Here is a list of nicknames that was used to refer to Ise Layla:

  • Layla / Reira (れいら)
  • Laylatan (れいらたん)
  • Ebi-chan (えびちゃ)


  • Name: Ise Layla (伊勢鈴蘭)
  • Nicknames: Layla / Reira (れいら), Laylatan (れいらたん), Ebi-chan (えびちゃん)[12]
  • Birthdate: January 19, 2004 (2004-01-19) (age 16)
  • Birthplace: Hokkaido, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Height: TBA
  • Western Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Eastern Zodiac: Goat
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2018-11-23: Member
  • ANGERME Member Color:      Light Orange
  • Hello! Project Groups:
  • Other Groups:

  • Special Skills: Dance[1], monomane[12]
  • Hobbies: Takarazuka appreciation, eating while walking[1]
  • Favorite Sports: Dancing, table tennis
  • Looks Up To: Sasaki Rikako[2]


TV ProgramsEdit

TV DramasEdit

  • [2020] Hobonichi no Kaidan



  • [2018–2019] HELLO! DRIVE! (HELLO! DRIVE! -ハロドラ-) (Fridays)


  • [2019–] PIZZA-LA "Yokubari Quarter" (よくばりクォーター)


  • Because she was not a Kenshuusei and did not have any stage experience, Ise said she was nervous during rehearsals for her first time on stage, but became excited after standing in front of the audience.[2]
  • Ise admitted that she was not a Hello! Project fan when she auditioned, but dreamed of becoming an idol since she was in kindergarten.[2]
  • Her audition number was 235.[3]
  • Her favorite types of music are ballads that can make you cry and musical songs.

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Honorary TitlesEdit

Honorary titles

Preceded by
Kasahara Momona

Youngest member of ANGERME
November 2018 – July 2019

Succeeded by
Hashisako Rin


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