#Ii ne Miyoshi-machi
Solo Photobook by Kanazawa Tomoko
Native Title #いいね三芳町
Released October 22, 2019
Publisher Odyssey Books
Photographer Sakuma Tomoyuki
Kanazawa Tomoko Publications Chronology
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#Ii ne Miyoshi-machi (#いいね三芳町; #Miyoshi Town is Great) is a solo photobook by Kanazawa Tomoko that was shot completely in Miyoshi, Saitama, where she is the official public relations ambassador. It was released on October 22, 2019, and it was first sold at the Juice=Juice Kanazawa Tomoko Talk & Mini Live in Miyoshi-machi ~LOVE Miyoshi~ at Coppice Miyoshi.[1]

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  • A portion of the sales would go towards the Miyoshi Town Tree Planting Promotion Fund.


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