Idol wo Sagase! Koushiki BOOK
Book by Hello! Project
Native Title アイドルをさがせ!公式BOOK
Released July 19, 2001
Publisher KADOKAWA

Special Trading Card (Front)


Special Trading Card (Back)

Idol wo Sagase! Koushiki BOOK (アイドルをさがせ!公式BOOK; A Search For Idols! Official Book) is a guidebook for the TV program Idol wo Sagase!. A special trading card is included. The book was released on July 19, 2001 (eight months before the show ended).


  • Memories Conversation
  • Latest information and interviews
  • The 20 best scenes
  • Complete report! Close to the production site
  • Unreleased scenes
    • Petitmoni jacket shooting for Seishun Jidai 1.2.3!
    • Iida and Rinne at the Konbini before the Editorial Challenge
    • Yaguchi showing off in the middle of recording Pinch Runner
    • Heike in a submarine when visiting Guam
    • Country Musume Suikawari
    • Iida and Rinne reading fan letters at their final MC
    • Heike complaining to staff after recording (Heike won a punishment game and is upset the loser isn't punished)
    • Asami drooling
    • Unreleased talk scene between Heike and Nakazawa (there is tension and apologies)
    • Tension/awkwardness between Nakazawa and Rinne makes Rinne cry since she is nervous
  • All broadcast contents database
  • Interview

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