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Special Trading Card (Back)

Idol wo Sagase! Koushiki BOOK (アイドルをさがせ!公式BOOK; A Search For Idols! Official Book) is a guidebook for the TV program Idol wo Sagase!. A special trading card is included. The book was released on July 19, 2001 (eight months before the show ended).


  • Page 004: Hajime ni
  • Page 007: Kanzen Report! Seisaku Tadashi-ba ni Mitchaku
  • Page 013: Exclusive MC Interview
  • Page 020: Omoide Taidan Nakazawa Yuko x Heike Michiyo
    • Page 022: Best 20 Meibamen
  • Page 044: Omoide Taidan Iida Kaori x Rinne
    • Page 046: Best 20 Meibamen
  • Page 067: Bangumi Mi Housou Scene Dai Koukai
  • Page 093: SPECIAL GRAVURE ~Genkei MV Sougou Produce~
    • Page 094: Nakazawa Yuko
    • Page 096: Inaba Atsuko
  • Page 099: Zen Housou Naiyou Data Base
  • Page 110: Hello! Project Tsuushin Aisaga Koushiki Book-gou Fan Ccub Kaiin Dai Boshuu-chuu
  • Page 111: Hokkaido Hanabatake Bokujou Report
  • Page 112: i-Mode & Koushiki Home Page de Hello! Project Jouhou wo Catch!
  • Page 113: Hello! Project Official Shop Jouhou
  • Page 114: Presents
  • Page 18, 42 66, 76, 90: Column


  • The Unreleased scenes in the book are:
    • Petitmoni jacket shooting for Seishun Jidai 1.2.3!
    • Iida and Rinne at the Konbini before the Editorial Challenge
    • Yaguchi Mari showing off in the middle of recording Pinch Runner
    • Heike in a submarine when visiting Guam
    • Country Musume Suikawari
    • Iida and Rinne reading fan letters at their final MC
    • Heike complaining to staff after recording (Heike won a punishment game and is upset the loser isn't punished)
    • Asami drooling
    • Unreleased talk scene between Heike and Nakazawa (there is tension and apologies)
    • Tension/awkwardness between Nakazawa and Rinne makes Rinne cry since she is nervous

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