Ichimai no Ticket ~Beatles ga Yattekuru!~ (一枚のチケット~ビートルズがやってくる!~; One Ticket ~The Beatles Are Coming!~) is an Engeki Joshibu musical starring Yajima Maimi as the lead. The musical will run from November 27 to December 3, 2017 at Kinokuniya Southern Theater TAKASHIMAYA.


Nowadays concerts are often held at Nippon Budokan,
But until Showa Year 41 (1966) it was considered a sacred location for martial arts, and it would never be lent to singers, much less foreign celebrities.
Then it was The Beatles who came from the United Kingdom and broke that rule.
The Beatles created a huge sensation in Japan and also became a social phenomenon that would rewrite much of Japanese history.
High school girls eagerly awaited a Beatles concert.
However, parents and teachers' negative view of rock music prohibited them from going to the concert.
If you went, you might have been expelled.
In addition, the police agency in charge of security refused to let The Beatles come.
There was a single promoter who took responsibility for people's conflict.
His name would later be left in history as "the Japanese man who invited The Beatles".
This production depicts a moving story of society in those times from three points of view.


From Engeki Joshibu
From Hello! Project
  • Nishikawa Misaki
  • Shiotsuki Shuu


  • Script: Shimizu Yuki
  • Music: Wada Shunsuke
  • Singing Instructor: Niira Etsuko
  • Producer: Niwa Tamon Andrew (BS-TBS)


  • This is the first Engeki Joshibu musical to feature Yajima Maimi and her first theatrical production since 2013, when she starred in Taklamakan.

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