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"I miss you" redirects here. For the song of the same name by Tsukishima Kirari starring Kusumi Koharu, see Mitsuboshi.

I miss you / THE FUTURE is ℃-ute's 26th single. It was released on November 19th, 2014 in 6 editions: two regulars and four limiteds. First press bonus is a random trading card. The limited editions come with a DVD and event lottery ticket.[1]



℃-ute - I miss you (MV) (Promotion Ver.)


℃-ute - THE FUTURE (MV) (Promotion Ver.)

℃-ute promoting "I miss you"

℃-ute promoting "THE FUTURE"

CD Tracklist[]

Regular Edition A; Limited Edition A & C[]

  1. I miss you
  3. I miss you (Instrumental)
  4. THE FUTURE (Instrumental)

Regular Edition B; Limited Edition B & D[]

  2. I miss you
  3. THE FUTURE (Instrumental)
  4. I miss you (Instrumental)

Limited Edition A DVD[]

  1. I miss you (Music Video)

Limited Edition B DVD[]

  1. THE FUTURE (Music Video)

Limited Edition C DVD[]

  1. I miss you (Dance Shot Ver.)
  2. I miss you (Making of)

Limited Edition D DVD[]

  1. THE FUTURE (Dance Shot Ver.)
  2. THE FUTURE (Making of)

Event V "I miss you"[]

  1. I miss you (Yajima Maimi Solo Ver.)
  2. I miss you (Nakajima Saki Solo Ver.)
  3. I miss you (Suzuki Airi Solo Ver.)
  4. I miss you (Okai Chisato Solo Ver.)
  5. I miss you (Hagiwara Mai Solo Ver.)

Event V "THE FUTURE"[]

  1. THE FUTURE (Yajima Maimi Solo Ver.)
  2. THE FUTURE (Nakajima Saki Solo Ver.)
  3. THE FUTURE (Suzuki Airi Solo Ver.)
  4. THE FUTURE (Okai Chisato Solo Ver.)
  5. THE FUTURE (Hagiwara Mai Solo Ver.)

Featured Members[]

Single Information[]

I miss you
  • Arrangement: Yo Keigo

Bonus Poster[]


TV Performances[]

  • [2014.11.20] The Girls Live (I miss you)
  • [2014.11.27] The Girls Live (I miss you, THE FUTURE)

Concert Performances[]

I miss you

Chart Positions[]

Oricon Chart Positions[]

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- 4 11 4 7 6 5 4 60,120
31 - - - 17 - - 50 1,788
42 - - - - - - 152 423
- - - - - - - 161 359
Monthly Ranking
Year Month Month Rank Sales
2014 November 10[2] 61,908
Yearly Rankings
Year Year Rank Sales
2014 99[3] 62,690

Total Reported Sales: 62,690

Other Charts Rankings[]

Country Chart Highest
Japan Billboard Japan Hot 100 28 [4]
Billboard Japan Hot Singles Sales 9 [5]
Music Station (TV Asahi) 4 [6]
China Yinyuetai V Chart Japan  16 [7]
(The Future)
25 [8]
(I miss you)


  • The Event Vs were released on December 23, 2014 at the ℃-ute Cutie Circuit 2014-2015 "I miss you / THE FUTURE" Hatsubai Kinen Special Event at Hitotsubashi Hall in Tokyo.[9][10][11]

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