Hoshisuna no Shima no Chiisana Tenshi ~Mermaid Smile~
Theatrical Release Poster
Yaguchi Mari Film
Native title 星砂の島のちいさな天使~マーメイド スマイル~
Released June 19, 2010 (Theatrical)
February 2, 2011 (DVD)
Length 91 Minutes
Director Ichiro Kita
Producer Akira Nakajima, Hidehiko Tanaka, Motoo Kawabata (Executive)
Naoya Asada, Aso Britain, Atsushi Ichikawa, Shunsuke Matsumura, Tobushinbato
Writer Okada Shigeru (Screenplay)
Composer Electrical LOVERS
Ending Theme "Tinsagu no Hana" (Okinawan folk song)
Insert Songs "Kimi" by Kashiwagi Shinobu
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Hoshisuna no Shima no Chiisana Tenshi ~Mermaid Smile~ (星砂の島のちいさな天使~マーメイド スマイル~: Little Angel ~ Mermaid Smile ~ Island of Star Sand) is a 2010 movie starring Yaguchi Mari and several members of Hello Pro Egg as supporting characters.


Okinawa Taketomi love story that was on the stage of. Slogan is "from Okinawa Yaeyama, the healing and smile to you." Directed by Kimi on the "sea, always smile. Ichiro Kita ", the first starring movie for Riho Iida, it will be the first appearance movie for Choshu force. Choshu forces in the wake of the shooting also has been appointed to the tourism ambassador of Taketomi Island.

" Deigo campaign to donate a portion of the advance ticket sales as !! campaign Save the trees "were also made.

"Starry sky of the island, my island," which also the Taketomi Island was the stage in the same supervision work, but there is, no particular relevance on the story.

Kineka Omori, Ikebukuro Theatre diamond published elsewhere. Pia In the first day Satisfaction Index Ranking (Pia movie life survey) became the third largest.

to help the girl with a young man lying on the beach, those surrounding her life and that of in the island of After that, her of the mysterious force that has stories and Madokaichi ( Tetsuya Makita ) and Miu ( Iida Riho works that mix whereabouts, such as the weaving of love with).


  • Iida Riho as Tsukino Miu
  • Mikami Masashi as Nakahama Koichi
  • Tetsuya Makita as Nakahama Madokaichi
  • Tsuda Kanji as Shimabukuro Ryoji
  • Choshu Riki as Uechi Tetsuya
  • Maeda Yuuka as Shimabukuro Yuka
  • Yaguchi Mari as Yanokuchi Mari
  • Miho Jun as Nakahama Yoko
  • Aijima Kazuyuki as Tsukino Daiki
  • Oishi Risa as Ayaka
  • Ohara Kotaro as Shimabukuro Takeshi
  • Ookata Masako as Takemi Obaa
  • Kono Tomomi as Base Yukie
  • Miyamoto Karin as Yanokuchi Haruka
  • Daichi Yasuo as Ojii-DaSakari Shozo
  • Saho Akari
  • Kaneko Rie
  • Takeuchi Akari
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