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#Himatsubushi (#ひま粒し) is a digital single by Kikkawa Yuu. It was released on June 3, 2020.


  1. #Himatsubushi
  2. #Himatsubushi (Soulful Version)
  3. #Himatsubushi (Instrumental)

Single Information[]

  • Lyrics: michitomo brown
  • Composition: michitomo brown
  • Arrangement: michitomo brown


  • The single was released in response to Kikkawa Yuu going viral on Twitter in April 2020 for posting pictures on social media of her meticulously picking apart her food and counting the pieces during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • On April 7, Twitter user @kangfoo4 compiled several Tweets of Kikkawa meticulously picking apart her food and counting the pieces with the caption "This is what idols are up to now that they cannot perform live [due to the coronavirus]".[1] This compilation caused her to go viral in Japan within a day of posting, and it caught the attention of news outlets in Japan and abroad.[2][3][4]
  • In response to becoming a viral sensation, Kikkawa continued posting more tweets with her food disassembly projects, and even held livestreams where she disassembled food live.[5] She also revealed her desire to publish a book about her new food disassembly hobby.[6]


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