As a part of the Hello! Project Wiki community, we are committed to bring the best content as possible. However, we are also committed to keeping Hello! Project Wiki more relevant, keeping its motto of "Hello! Project, TNX and Up-Front Group idols anyone can edit".

For this, a number of users started and contributed to multiple Wikia communities in order to keep specific pages away from this wiki. With a group of alliances, we are improving not just Hello! Project Wiki, but other Wikia communities as well.

List of Alliances:

Sister Wikis
AKIHABARA Backstage pass Wiki
Other Wikis
Afilia Saga Wiki
AKB48 Wiki
Lovely Doll Wiki

How to Link to Another Wikia Community:
Linking to another Wikia Community is pretty much easier than you expect. Before you add a link, it is recommended to edit a page using Source Mode instead of the popular Visual Mode. The usual universal Wikia code is [[w:c:wiki_name:page_name|desired_name]], with wiki name being the name used for the Wikia's url. (Example: Hello! Project Wikia is helloproject)

Some groups also have templates that links you to another wikia community. This idea was brought out JoshuaJSlone, when suggested a simpler way to link to another wikia community. Specific pages will use {{code|page_name|desired_name}} to redirect links to another wiki community. Desired Name is optional and its used to link to pages that aren't straight to the point. (Ex: Style Cube Wiki page, Yukafin, etc.)

Here are the list of codes.

Abp - AKIHABARA Backstage pass
Ase - Afilia Saga (East)

Notice Template

This page contains links that redirect you to another Wikia community. For more information, see this page.

The header above is used to warn people that the page has links in the article (excluding "External Links") that will take you to another Wikia Community. In that community, you won't be able to search for the pages you would be able to find in this Wiki. As a rule, this template ({{Ridirectheader}}) has to be in the top of the page for a minimum of 2 weeks. After that warning period, the template may be moved to the bottom of the page.

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