SENTAI Pink Ranger
Fukumura Mizuki, Michishige Sayumi, Suzuki Airi, Tsugunaga Momoko-305887
Origin Japan
Genre Japanese Pop
Years Active 2012
Associated Acts Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou ℃-ute
Members Michishige Sayumi
Tsugunaga Momoko
Suzuki Airi
Fukumura Mizuki

SENTAI Pink Ranger was a group formed for Hello! Channel, the group consisted of Michishige Sayumi & Fukumura Mizuki from Morning Musume, Tsugunaga Momoko from Berryz Koubou and Suzuki Airi from ℃-ute.

They were first featured in Girls News~Hello! Project.



  • The members who are featured in this group all have pink as their member color within their major groups, hence the name SENTAI Pink Ranger.
  • Fukumura Mizuki is the only member to have dyed their hair.
  • The unit was created for Hello! Channel Vol.9.
  • They were never announced as an official unit.
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