Hello Pro Musical Sokuhouban
Book by Hello! Project
Native Title ハロプロ ミュージカル速報版
Released March 8, 2004
Publisher Bungeisha
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Hello Pro Musical Sokuhouban (ハロプロ ミュージカル速報版) is a compilation book of Hello! Project Members. It was Relsated March 8, 2004.

Official DescriptionEdit

A gravure magazine "Hello Project Musical Bullet Edition" that summarizes the three musicals of Abe Natsumi, Goto Maki, and Matsuura Aya in one volume will be released. Abe is "Okaeri", Goto "Sayonara no LOVE SONG", Matsuura Starring "Real Audition" respectively. It shoots a glittering moment on the stage of three heroines. It is full of shots that can never be seen and impressive gravure such as the real stage of the back stage and the serious form of encouraging practice.

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