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Hello Pro Kenshuusei no Tadaima Kenshuuchuu! (ハロプロ研修生のただ今研修中! ) was Hello Pro Kenshuusei's first variety show.

The first episode aired on April 16, 2013, and the last episode aired on August 16, 2013. There was a total of 5 episodes; one new episode being aired each month.

Featured Members[]

Episode List[]

# Members Featured Information Original Air date MVP Performance
1 Kaneko, Miyamoto, Takagi, Tanabe, Yoshihashi, Hamaura, Taguchi, Otsuka, Ogawa, Murota Members show their special skills in a classroom setting. April 16, 2013 "Hare Ame Nochi Suki ♡," sung by Miyamoto
2 Kaneko, Yoshihashi, Yamagishi, Nomura, Kaga Wrestling May 17, 2013 "Momoiro Sparkling," sung by Yamagishi
3 Kaneko, Tanabe, Hamaura, Ogawa, Sasaki Members train and play with dogs. June 16, 2013 "Suki-chan," sung by Kaneko
4 Kaneko, Taguchi, Murota, Yamagishi, Ichioka Matcha tea and Flowers July 16, 2013 "Samui ne," sung by Ichioka
5 Kaneko, Miyamoto, Takagi, Tanabe, Yoshihashi, Hamaura, Taguchi, Otsuka, Ogawa, Murota, Yamagishi, Nomura, Ichioka, Kaga, Sasaki Unaired scenes from previous episodes August 16, 2013 None


  • Kaneko Rie had the most presence in the show, being featured in all the episodes.
  • Aside from the Kenshuusei, the show also had an additional cast member; Sensei. A pink, circular-shaped stuffed animal who was the host of the show.
  • Following the conclusion of the show, Hello Pro Kenshuusei later began a new variety show called "~Onedari Entame!~ Hapi★Pure".



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