Hello, Little Monsters
Album by Noto Arisa
Released January 20, 2013
Genre J-Pop
Format CD
Noto Arisa Albums Chronology
Previous a piece of Romance (2010)
Next Rainbow Drops (2013)

Hello, Little Monsters is the first full-length album by Noto Arisa. It was released on January 20, 2013.


  1. if ~Moshimo no Mirai~ (Time Capsule Christmas ver.) (if~もしもの未来~(タイムカプセルクリスマスver.))
  2. High Speed Motion
  3. BUTTERFLY!! (featuring Itou Miku and Tanabe Rui)
  4. Konbini no Oniisan ni Hatsu Date wo Kokoromiru Uta (コンビニのお兄さんに初デェトを試みる歌)
  5. I-MO-TA-RE☆
  6. Moshimo, Kitto... (もしも、きっと…) (featuring Misawa Sachika)
  7. VS→ (featuring Matsunaga Maho)
  8. Kaze no Tsubasa (カゼノツバサ)
  9. Unknown Love (あんのうん・らぶ)
  10. Little*Little*Monster (リトル*リトル*モンスター)
  11. Jeweling Heart
  12. Hello, Hello.


  • This is Noto Arisa's first album in over two years.

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