Hello! days vol. 6 is a Hello! Project Fanclub DVD of Yaguchi Mari's Bus Tour in Fukuoka, part two of Yasuda Kei, Inaba Atsuko and Ayaka's Bus Tour in Nagano, and ℃-ute's fourth support project.

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OPENING ~Yaguchi Mari no 1-paku 2-nichi Bus Ryokou in Fukuoka (OPENING~矢口真里の1泊2日バス旅行 in 静岡)


Yasuda Kei & Inaba Atsuko & Ayaka no 1-paku 2-nichi Bus Ryokou in Nagano Part 2 (保田圭・稲葉貴子・アヤカの1泊2日バス旅行 in 長野 Part2)


℃-ute Ouen Kikaku Dai 4-dan! (℃-ute応援企画第4弾!)


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