Hello! TV DVD Pamphlet
DVD Pamphlet by Hello! Project
Released 2004
Length 65 min.
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Hello! TV DVD Pamphlet is the DVD pamphlet for Hello! Project 2004 Summer ~Natsu no Doon!~.


  1. Opening (オープニング)
  2. Hello! TV nai ① (Hello!TV内①; Inside Hello! TV ①)
  3. Koudou Yosoku Quiz (行動予測クイズ; Behavior Prediction Quiz)
  4. Hello! TV nai ② (Hello!TV内②)
  5. Goods CM Keiji-hen (グッズCM 刑事編; Goods CM Criminal Record)
  6. Goods CM Interview-hen (グッズCM インタビュー編; Goods CM Interview Section)
  7. Hello Pro Tanteidan Kikiippatsu! (ハロプロ探偵団危機一髪!; Hello Pro Detective Team Close Call)
  8. Hello! TV nai ③ (Hello!TV内③)
  9. Goods CM Seibu-hen (グッズCM 西部編; Goods CM Western Section)
  10. Kankyou ni Tsuite Kangaeyou! (環境について考えよう!; Think About the Environment!)
  11. Shinkeisuijaku Taikai (神経衰弱大会; Nervous Breakdown Event)
  12. Hello! TV nai ④ (Hello!TV内④)
  13. Ending (エンディング)
  14. Making & NG Scene (メイキング&NGシーン)
  • Discography (ディスコグラフィ)
  • Official Fan Club Jouhou (オフィシャルファンクラブ情報; Official Fan Club Information)
  • Official Site Jouhou (オフィシャルサイト情報; Official Site Information)

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