These places can help you find information beyond what the wiki has--a lot of which could be used to make the wiki better. Information from unofficial sources often best to take with a grain of salt unless it can be corroborated.


  • Hello! Project Official Site - The horse's mouth.
  • UP-FRONT WORKS - Has a lot of the same information as, but also things that don't fit into H!P, including releases from ex-H!P members still with the company.
  • Tsunku official web site - All kinds of Tsunku-related information. Notably the Discography section has information on most releases he produced or wrote something for. Almost all wiki pages about something with an entry there will already have a link to it.



  • Darkchilde's Morning Musume and Hello Project - This page doesn't look to have changed since 2007 or so, but it has hundreds of pages and probably thousands of images. There especially seems to be a lot of images and descriptions of shows, TV appearances, even commercials.


  • Haro Pro Oboegaki - An H!P wiki on a Japanese wiki service. Much different from our wiki, lots and lots of Japanese text, but there are some useful lists in there. Episode guides, list of events, and more. Here are a few specific sections:
    • DVD Magazines - A list of DVD magazines/pamphlets and release dates through July 2011. Some of them have extended information.
    • List of fan club DVDs, 2005-2009, 2009-2011
  • Haromoni Memory - Another site with lots of information and pictures from old H!P TV shows and appearances on other shows.

J WikipediaEdit

  • DVD Magazines (Hello! Project) - Mostly just a list of titles, but many include sources like the official goods page they're listed on--though you'd need to use something like to have a chance to visit many of them.
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