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Title Air Date MC
Hello! Project Station Tokubetsu ~Hello! Project 2017 Shin Taisei Kettei Special~ June 26, 2017 None

An announcement video concerning the new organization in Hello! Project (a teaser was uploaded on June 25, 2017).

Country Girls member transfers for their main activities:
- Morito Chisaki as a concurrent member of Morning Musume '17
- Funaki Musubu as a concurrent member of ANGERME
- Yanagawa Nanami as a concurrent member of Juice=Juice

Hello Pro Kenshuusei member debuts:
- Dambara Ruru as a member of Juice=Juice
- Kawamura Ayano as a member of ANGERME
- Ichioka Reina as the leader of a new group

Hello! Project Station & Upcoming Renewal da yo! Kinkyuu! Nama Haishin!! March 12, 2019 Wada Ayaka, Miyazaki Yuka

A livestream previewing the spring 2019 renewals of Hello! Project Station and Upcoming.

09:55 - Start
13:55 - Hello! Project Station renewal
19:53 - Live video call with Morning Musume '19
24:19 - Digest of the Juice=Juice & Country Girls LIVE ~Yanagawa Nanami Sotsugyou Special~ at Zepp Tokyo
41:12 - Upcoming renewal
44:38 - Live "Point Make-up" presentation by Sasaki Rikako
1:04:46 - Final impressions

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