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Hello! Project Station (ハロ!ステ) is a Hello! Project YouTube show showcasing the members of Hello! Project. The show is aired on the official YouTube channel.

The first episode was aired on February 5, 2013. At first the episodes were aired on Tuesday however starting with Episode #13 the day was changed to Wednesday.

Members Featured (MC)

Episode List

# Official Air Date Information MC
1 02-05-2013 Golf quiz ① Tokunaga Chinami vs Yajima Maimi Ikuta Erina & Suzuki Airi
2 02-12-2013 Golf quiz ② Tokunaga Chinami vs Yajima Maimi
3 02-19-2013 Golf confrontation ① Tokunaga Chinami vs Yajima Maimi
4 02-26-2013 Golf confrontation ② Tokunaga Chinami vs Yajima Maimi
5 03-05-2013 Hina Fes LIVE Video 1 Sudo Maasa
6 03-12-2013 Hina Fes LIVE Video 2
7 03-19-2013 Morning Musume First Day Tour Video Wada Ayaka
8 03-26-2013 S/mileage Event Video
9 04-02-2013 Hello! Pro Kenshuusei 3gatsu no Nama Tamago Show Video Nakajima Saki
10 04-09-2013 ℃-ute Ikebukuro Sunshine Event Video
11 04-17-2013 Berryz Koubou Spring Tour Video Michishige Sayumi
12 04-24-2013 Morning Musume Special 1
13 05-01-2013 ℃-ute First Day Tour Video Shimizu Saki
14 05-08-2013 Berryz Koubou Special 1
15 05-15-2013 S/mileage Launch Event Nakanishi Kana
16 05-22-2013 Yaon Premium LIVE ~Soto Fest~ @ Hibiya Amphitheater
17 05-29-2013 Morning Musume Tanaka Reina Graduation @ Nippon Budokan Iikubo Haruna
18 06-05-2013 ℃-ute new song debuted, and S/mileage "Yattaruchan" MV Premiere
19 06-12-2013 Berryz Koubou new song Dance Shot published & Hello! Pro Kenshuusei ShinjinGogakuyuu Tokunaga Chinami
20 06-19-2013 Juice=Juice Ikebukuro Events 6gatsu no Nama Tamago Show℃-ute new song MV published
21 06-26-2013 Yattaruchan Daisakusen! & Berryz Koubou event & Juice=Juice New Corner Takeuchi Akari
22 07-03-2013 ℃-ute Tour Finals & Yattaruchan & Morning Musume Comment
23 07-10-2013 ℃-ute France LIVE & Berryz Koubou Tanabata LIVE & Sudo Maasa & Oda Sakura Hagiwara Mai
24 07-17-2013 Berryz Koubou Tanabata LIVE & Morning Musume Comment & Oda Sakura & Juice=Juice
25 07-24-2013 Morning Musume Large Public New Song, Yattaruchan Daisakusen! Ceremonial First Pitch, and Juice=Juice Uemura Akari Suzuki Kanon
26 07-31-2013 Morning Musume MV Published!, and Hello! Project 2013 SUMMER
27 08-07-2013 Morning Musume Dance Ver. Commentary, Takeuchi Akari solo song, Hello! Concert behind-the-scenes, ℃-ute sound spirit, and Juice=Juice Kanazawa Tomoko Katsuta Rina
28 08-14-2013 Juice=Juice MV Unveiled!, Berryz Koubou & S/mileage Hello! Concert, Fukumura Mizuki solo song, and Suzuki Airi hair arrangement
29 08-21-2013 ℃-ute Album Song MV Published!, Hello! Concert, Hello! Pro Kenshuusei, Juice=Juice Recording, and Michishige behind-the-scenes camera Sayashi Riho
30 08-28-2013

Morning Musume Close-Up and Commentary, Juice=Juice Dance ShotWarera Jeanne

31 09-04-2013

Juice=Juice Profile Movie, Berryz Koubou New Song℃-ute Budokan Comment, and Morning Musume Launch Event

Miyazaki Yuka
32 09-11-2013 TBA



  • Ikuta Erina and Suzuki Airi are only members who presented more than 3 episodes as well the only who have shared the presention together.
  • Episode #26 was going to be uploaded at 9 PM JST (2013-07-31), but there was an upload malfunction so it was uploaded the next day (JST time).