Hello! Project Sports Festivals are sporting events held by Hello! Project from 2001 to 2006. When it started in 2001, it was called Hello! Project Dai Undoukai, but later changed to Hello! Project Sports Festival.

All though the name Hello! Project is used, there are absences due to prioritizing other tasks (like stage plays), absences due to scandals, and absences due to injuries during practice.

Each time, Hello! Project members are divided into two teams with almost the same number of people, but the names of the teams and the groupings of the members are different every year. Morning Musume is different from the groupings in Hello Project concerts such as Wonderful Hearts and Elder Club, because it is not necessary to perform songs in each grouping. In the mini-concert held after the competition, the original group/unit combination is used instead of the competition combination. In each team, the older members such as Nakazawa Yuko, Abe Natsumi and Iida Kaori serve as leaders and sub-leaders. In addition, seven members Hello! Pro Egg were not in the team, but were assistants in the 2006 Kick Baseball game by Metro Rabbits H.P..

Each festival has competing battles in which the members are divided into two groups to compete, international and red/white futsal and kick baseball matches, followed by a mini live concert.

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Many video products have been created, mostly only available for the Hello! Project fan club.

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