Hello! Project Radio Drama Vol. 2 (ハロー!プロジェクトラジオドラマ Vol 2) is a CD release in the Radio Drama Series. It features various Hello! Project members starring in drama episodes previously aired on radio.

It was released as a regular edition ( EPCE-5245), and a limited edition ( EPCE-5244). The limited edition comes with a slipcase cover, screenplay booklet and a complete set of idol cards.


  1. 第四話「ラジオ・フレンズ」 (Daiyon Hanashi «Radio Friends»; Episode 4 "Radio Friends") by Goto Maki, Yaguchi Mari, Saito Hitomi
  2. 第五話「星砂の島・私の島」 (Daigo Hanashi «Hoshisuna no Shima ・ Watashi no Shima»; Episode 5 "Foraminifera Island - My Island) by Matsuura Aya, Nakazawa Yuko

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