Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol.55
DVD Magazine by Hello! Project
Released July 15, 2017
Length 86 min. (Disc 1)
51 min. (Disc 2)
Hello! Project DVD Magazines Chronology
Previous Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol.54 (2017)
Next Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol.56 (2018)

Hello! Project DVD Magazine Vol.55 is a Hello! Project DVD magazine. It was released on July 15, 2017 as merchandise for Hello! Project 2017 SUMMER.


The Hello! Project members have a battle between dream shuffles. All 6 groups have been shuffled into 6 teams for a game showdown! Which team will be victorious?

Featured MembersEdit


  • ANGERME member Aikawa Maho is absent from the DVD due to her being on hiatus and recovering from panic disorder at the time of the recording.


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